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Dr. Farooq Abdullah asks people to defeat forces trying to weaken JK
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Dr. Farooq Abdullah asks people to defeat forces trying to weaken JK

Post by RK News on Sunday, April 30, 2023

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Srinagar, Apr 29: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President and MP from Srinagar Dr. Farooq Abdullah on Saturday cautioned people against the forces working to weaken J&K from within.
          This he said while addressing party functionaries at the party headquarters Nawa-e-Subha, Srinagar.
          Cautioning the functionaries against the forces working against the interests of the people of J&K, Dr Farooq said it is for the people to understand what the division of our voices would entail or what its results would be. “Any misstep at this juncture would have far reaching consequences. They don't want the real representative voices of J & K to take center stage and be heard,” he said. “Having real and representative voices in place makes their pursuit of reckless experimentation in the region more difficult.”
          Calling for stepping up the party's outreach to people, he said party workers should knock every door and inform people about the challenges ahead of the region. Party's vision & mission has to reach every home.
“Today, we see mushrooming of political parties and leaders in every nook and corner of Kashmir. The risky political vacuum created by the decisions of August 2019 cannot be filled by such airdropped leaders. It is only a representative government that will meet the challenge of instilling faith in the hearts of people.”

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