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Conspiracies against Modi Sarkar would not work: Pathania
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Conspiracies against Modi Sarkar would not work: Pathania

Post by RK News on Monday, February 20, 2023

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Udhampur, Feb 19: BJP Spokesperson Ranbir Singh Pathania Sunday said that a fraud is being enacted against Modi Sarkar but hoped that such hallucinations and half truths shall ultimately fall flat.
While taking a dig at recent Hidenburg report, BBC documentary, George Soros statements and attributing them as part of a vicious, international game plan , Pathania echoed the clarion call of Prime Minister made on floor of the Parlienat, 'Ek Akela Sabh Pe Bhari'.
Addressing Mandal Karyakarinis at Khoon and Majalta, he also threw light on a series of organisational programmes under 'Maha Sashakatikaran Abhiyan'.
“All-out campaign of government against terrorism, corruption and secessionism has set a trend and rather a wave in J & K whereby people have come to heave a sigh of relief,” he said.
In his concluding remarks he made a scathing attack on secessionist forces and said that forces which have bred secession, promoted division, spread hatred stand exposed now.
“J&K which had been an abode of research, learning, intellect since times immemorial is back to bloom and blossom and regain its lost glory. It has been due to weak, slipshod policy and positioning of the successive regimes that situation stands worsened,” he said, adding that burying-head-in-sand approach of previous regimes had emboldened fissiparous forces in our immediate neighborhood.
He said that the policies and programmes of a people friendly government at the Centre have struck a direct chord with the hearts and minds of the 'Janmanas' of India. “It is in this very backdrop that a comprehensive move mahasashaktikaran abhiyan is started in J&K”.
 He underscored the need to  reach out to the people at large acting as a bridge between people and administration and act as harbingers of the policies and programmes of central government. 
He spelled out in detail the developmental initiatives launches during his tennure. He was all praise for various central schemes and programmes.
He also had a detailed overview of various dos, techniques and best practices as to how the party cadres can establish a better, credible rapport with the people. They focussed on making Mandals, Booths, and Pannas more vibrant and effective.
 He called upon the party cadres to remain vigilant and educate and enlighten people about policies and programmes of Modi level government. 
Targets were spelled out to the social media team as to how every party cadre can be motivated to download Saral App, and constituting Polling Booth and Panna Committees.

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