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Congress misused Art 356 93 times to topple opposition Govts : Rana
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Congress misused Art 356 93 times to topple opposition Govts : Rana

Post by RK News on Sunday, April 2, 2023

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Samba April 1:  Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana Saturday said history is replete of instances when the fast dwindling political party of the country belittled democracy repeatedly.
          Describing the Congress as the biggest pollutant in the Indian polity, Rana said Congress belittled democracy by imposing emergency in 1975, abusing Article 356 to topple the duly elected governments 93 times and customizing the national politics by coining the slogan, ‘India is Indira, Indira is India’ way back in 1974.
          Addressing political workers in Samba, Rana reminded the Congress of its dubious distinction of introducing ‘Aya Ram Gaya Ram’ culture in Indian politics. He said Congress demolished and mutilated all the institutions of Indian democracy and disfigured its federal structure.
           “Those were the times the people had been subjected to unprecedented repression and political exploitation by a family that pushed the stalwarts of the Indian freedom movement to oblivion for lust of power”, he added. 
The BJP leader blamed the Congress for bringing criminalization in Indian politics and dividing the society on caste and religious lines to create vote banks.
The posterity will never forgive the Congress for sowing the seeds of caste-culture in the Indian polity that has adversely impacted the society over the decades, he added.  
          “Times have gone and the factotums of the dynasts must now learn to reconcile and adopt the new political culture of country where a common man belonging to other backward classes can rise to become the Prime Minister and a tribal woman making it to the highest office of the country,” Rana said adding this is New India, which is stepping towards becoming the Vishwa Guru.
          The Senior BJP leader termed the euphoria of the opposition as a sign of deep frustration on the face of shrinking political space across the country due to acts of omission and commission and the open loot that has brought them together to form a coalition of corrupt.
He said the fear of being caught for plundering the public exchequer has snatched from them their basic sense of proportion, which is why the political discourse has gone down to the lowest depths of Indian history.

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