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Claims of development in JK have fallen flat: Sagar

Says aspirations of JK youth have turned into anxiety

Post by RK News on Friday, September 23, 2022

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Srinagar, Sep 22: National Conference (NC) general secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar Thursday said the hollow promises made by government on jobs, development and good governance have proven to be a big hoax.
According to a statement, he said this while addressing a meeting of party functionaries here at the party headquarters Nawa-e-Subha.
Among others party's senior leader Choudhary Muhammad Ramzan, Nazir Ahmed Khan Gurezi, SajadShaheen and Ahsan Pardesi were also present on the occasion.
Interacting with the functionaries, Sagar said youth vote will play a crucial role in the elections, whenever it's held in J&K. “The aspirations of our youth have turned into anxiety. The upcoming elections in JK not only afford our youth a chance to fulfil their aspirations, it also confers upon them a responsibility to secure their future by keeping BJP and it's A and B teams hand's off the power corridors,” he said.
“To think that the impulse among Kashmiris, Gujjars, Dogras, and Paharis with regards to their identity is dead is a misreading by the BJP and its B teams. All the diverse groups of J&K are deeply attached to their sense of identity. BJP and its allies have been peddling different narratives to misdirect the people towards unreal issues. All their efforts have failed. This is why the BJP and its ilk in J&K is frustrated. Finding itself on shaky ground, BJP is bringing outside voters to help it win the elections,” he added.
"The false narrative peddled by the BJP led central government with regards to development, and good governance have fallen flat. Our youth in Jammu, Chenab, PirPanjal and Kashmir have never been so disillusioned as they are now. They see no light at the end of the tunnel. Their merit is being robbed," he said.
The mass out reach of NC in the remotest corners of JK and the enthusiastic participation of people has unnerved BJP and its ilk. “Now they are trying to grab the democratic space in J&K through the back door. Here our people, particularly our youth have a role to play, they have to register as voters and subsequently vote in huge numbers. It's people's vote that will keep them out. This time, we will be voting for protecting our honour and identity,"

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