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BJP leader Slathia lauds relentless efforts of Maharaja in making J&K integral part of India

Post by RK News on Saturday, September 24, 2022

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Vijaypur, Sep 23: Leading the people to pay their respectful and affectionate homage to the last Maharaja of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh at a specially held ceremony, former minister and Pradesh BJP vice-president Surjeet Singh Slathia Friday said the best tribute to the visionary and legendary Maharaja Hari Singh would be to uphold the unity, integrity and sovereignty of the country by foiling the elements inimical to peace and tranquility.
“Indebted people feel a sense of pride in remembering their benevolent Maharaja whose relentless efforts to make his princely state of Jammu and Kashmir integral part of India,” Slathia said, while addressing the people at a function, held to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Maharaja at village BandralRamgarh in Vijaypur Assembly Constituency.
Slathia said the people of Jammu and Kashmir are still remembering the governance of the Maharaja as a golden era of the then state, which witnessed progress and prosperity with opportunities available to all, irrespective of caste, creed, region or religion.
The Maharaja’s progressive initiatives had rekindled a hope among the people, who lived in harmony and peace. He said that such rulers leave an indelible mark on the public memory because of their overall good for humanity.
Slathia recalled how the Dogra rulers saved the people of Jammu and Kashmir from the tyranny of the British that left scars of torture, inhuman treatment and deprivation in rest of India during their 200 years forced rule.
The political sagacity and wisdom of the Dogra rulers will always remain scripted with golden letters in the history of Jammu and Kashmir as also the country, he said.

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