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Baramulla Govt School channelising students' creative energies
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Baramulla Govt School channelising students' creative energies

Post by Noor Mohi-ud-din on Wednesday, April 5, 2023

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Baramulla, Apr 04:   Housed in an old building,  the government middle school in Waripora Payeen, Baramulla district, north Kashmir, is creating a new generation of talented and innovative thinkers. 
This small school is setting an example for other government schools in Kashmir, which frequently complain about a lack of facilities. Students at the school not only study their education but also master numerous skills like as calligraphy, painting, and so on.
Riyaz Ahmad, a teacher at the Boys Middle School Waripora Payeen said that the school has been transformed  into an activity-based learning center. 
Riyaz Ahmad Alai, who is the teacher at the school, said the school was imparting other skills like   painting,calligraphy to the students . 
Riyaz said that they  have incorporated modern techniques and trends into  teaching methods, teaching Hindi, Arabic, and computer skills to students up to the eighth standard. 
Riyaz told Rising Kashmir that students at GMS Waripora Payeen participate in competitive exams, conferences, sports activities, and co-curricular activities such as clay art and calligraphy.
"Since my joining in 2010, I have taught students in a play way method, and dozens of my students are well-versed in calligraphy. They are skilled men now who can earn for themselves," Riyaz said.
Riyaz's dedication has led to an 80% literacy rate in his village, with 60 students enrolled in the school out of 40 habitations. Only two to three students attend private schools, and the school boasts a 100% enrolment rate this academic year.
However, the school requires renovations, a park, a gate, better building facilities, and seating arrangements to become a model school and attract students from other schools. 
While the government has provided some funding, Riyaz believes that the school needs more support
"We keep renovating the school from our pocket money to let the students participate in various activities. Although there is a share of government funds, we need more for our school," Riyaz said.
"We need a park for the students, a laboratory and a corner for the library where students can prove their mettle," he added. 
Riyaz's passion for teaching and dedication to his students have transformed the government middle school in Waripora Payeen.
With his innovative teaching methods, he is preparing the next generation to succeed in an ever-changing world.

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