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Alexander Secondary School, Kupwara: Instilling scientific temperament amoung students through robotics
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Alexander Secondary School, Kupwara: Instilling scientific temperament amoung students through robotics

Post by Syeda Rafiyah on Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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Earlier this month, Umeed Rashid, a student of Alexander Secondary School Bumhama, in Kupwara was surprised when he saw a robot in his school’s lab for the first time.
“It was fascinating to see a robot in our school and we are learning how it functions and talks back. It is really good and we got to know about it at this age,” Umeed, a class 10th student said.
Aayat Jan, a 5th-class student had similar expressions when the robot was brought to the school. She expects to learn artificial intelligence (AI) and wants to work on some creative ideas.
“Thanks to the school administration that made learning robotics possible and this is quite interesting. We can create a robot that can do all the work,” she said.
Located in Bumhama area of Kupwara, the school was established in October 2000 and today it has an enrollment of 1000 students and 45 teachers.
Earlier this month, with the establishment of a robotic lab with a robot in it, the school became the first-of-its-kind school in entire north Kashmir that has such a facility for students.
Muhammad Ashraf Peerzada, who is chairman of the school, said learning through robotics not only keeps the children engaged but also instill scientific temperament in them.
“Technology is driving the world, so the students must go with the latest developments in order to be a productive member of society,” he said.
He said when students are introduced to science and technology through interactive medium like robot it increases their knowledge about practical application of how science & technology interact.
Peerzada, who holds honorary doctorate in mathematics, said they have started with some classes and in the later time they want to make it part of the daily classes for all students.
He said artificial intelligence has caught the interest of students who are now not only keen in these classes but can also develop AI models based on learning.
“The students learn robotics with fun and practical assignments. The students are encouraged with creative knowledge and innovative education so that they can develop a creative and innovative mindset and create something new on their own,” he said.
The chairman said the robotic lab in the school is used to perform many tasks with students and they learn how to make robot and how they can function just like a human.
“Students also learn the basics of robots and its use in the day today life and how to make the robots and how they function in the modern technological age. Some students are very innovative and they can also make their own projects,” he said.
The school has also made available robot kits which are being used by the students. AI into their classrooms can definitely help the education system achieve the impossible.“It is aimed to nurture the ideas of students and it is a platform for them to turn their ideas into innovations. Tomorrow they can make big projects and can compete with students across the country. After proper know how, they can represent Jammu and Kashmir or the country,” he said.
Peerzada said by getting robotic education, students can develop skills, creativity, reasoning skills, speaking skills, self-confidence and they develop an innovative mind.
“I have seen that at home children break the small toys and want to make something out of it. This school is a platform for them and it is supervised by trained and skilled teachers,” he said.
In addition to robotic lab, the school also has a state-of-the-art library with more than 5000 books which is also being used for the students to nurture their reading and writing abilities.
The school also has a unique kindergarten lab where there are 150 activity kits through which children learn by doing. “This is the first of its kind of lab in entire district which has also attracted students and helped to improve the enrolment,” he said.
“Activities like demonstration of concepts with the help of puzzles. Puzzles develop memory skills, as well as an ability to plan, test ideas and solve problems. While completing a puzzle, children need to remember shapes, colours, positions and strategies to complete them,” he said.
Recently, the school was listed among the top 500 schools in India. The institute received the award from Prof. S.P Singh Baghel, Minister of State for Law and Justice, Government of India.
Many of its students are settled in France, Italy and other countries. So far, some 25 to 30 students have qualified NEET examination while nearly a dozen have qualified JEE.
In 2015, the school represented J&K at National Science Centre Delhi when one of its students presented the idea of floating houses. The idea came to mind of the student during the 2014 devastating floods.
Earlier, in 2009 the school also presented another idea about how to extract chemicals from water and presented the same at Pondicherry which has been appreciated.
In 2018, the school developed an idea on how a car can get reminders at C and S curves which was also appreciated then.
Currently, the school has a non-local principal. Few years ago the school had hired some teachers from Kerela who would make students learn by imparting unique methods.
Peerzada said they have been encouraging students to take part in sports and students have shined in the local and district-level tournaments and brought laurels to the school.

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