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Aadil Rashid won ‘World's Best Author’ Prize for his research paper on Covid
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Aadil Rashid won ‘World's Best Author’ Prize for his research paper on Covid

Post by Shafat Malik on Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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Known for three A's: Alim(Knowledge), Adab(Good Habits), Aab(Water), Bandipora district in north Kashmir has always given birth to renowned scholars, preachers, poets, jurists, literary critics and other personalities. 
Bestowing the world with his intellect, a gem from Bandipora, Aadil Rashid has recently won the ‘World's best Author’prize for his research paper at Bespoke Diaries, a Maharashtra based global platform of passionate individuals, achievers and inspiring people around the globe.
Born over the banks of Wular Lake, a young vivid dreamer, Aadil who aims to become a renowned scholar belongs to Watapora village.
He has written many research papers among which various papers have been selected and published in renowned publications. 
"Vancomycin Resistance Among in Kashmiris, PCOS(Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) Upswing Very Fastly Among Adolescent Girls In Kashmir Valley are my researches that got published and nowadays i am working on an another Research, H. Pylori Gastritis among Kashmiris and Brucellosis in Kashmir valley,” Aadil said.
Aadil got recognition among people when recently his name figured in the World's best authors list. 
The author writes delicately and got his research paper,(Isolation, Identification, Speciation and Antihiogram of Enterococcus Species by conventional methods and Assessment of the Prevalence of van-A genotype among VRE) published in JMPAS (Journal of Medical Pharmaceutical and Allied Science).
Aadil did his schooling in Bandipora and after qualifying 12th, he went to Dehradun and studied B.Sc Pathology there.“Currently I am doing internship at Government District Hospital Bandipora,” Aadil said.
During the outbreak of COVID-19 doctors and people related to the medical field were confused about the situation, be it from conducting tests to vaccination drives, doctors as well as Laboratory Technicians were in distress. But, Adil in those days did not stop andcame up with a research paper to help professionals as well as laymen out in this situation.
"Those days it was hard to get a perfect COVID test. As we were doing RAT(Rapid Antigen Test), Nasopharyngeal and Oropharyngeal swabs for PCR. So to find the COVID in laboratories, for that purpose I wrote a research paper. ‘How TO Dig Up Pernicious COVID-19 In Laboratory’ or in general how to find COVID-19 in laboratory. I submitted the research paper and fortunately it got selected and it won the World’s Best Author Prize,"Aadil remarked.
Breaking the myth of God gifted or born intellectual, Aadil says he, started working hard after his higher secondary stage when he went outside to study. 
"I got inspired by Nasir Kheuhami(JKSA President) and my mentor Dr. Sheikh Firdous who helped me alot in the whole process. After getting inspired by them, I started working hard that paid me off", Aadil added.
"Being co-author in various books like Words-Out, If Smile Could Speak, and Broken Hearts, now I am writing my own book entitled "Immune System and its Foes" which I will publish soon", Aadil says.
Aadil believes that no one is born purposeless, and everyone has a potential,but due to the phobia of whether it will happen or not, we are unable to plunge into it. 
“When I started writing,I also faced my challenges.My family was not supporting me. But i overcame hardships and that is how i am here today. We should always keep ourselves away from negative thoughts rather we shouldchoose and do what our  says," Aadil says. 

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