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A 14 year old's tryst with the Art of sketching 
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A 14 year old's tryst with the Art of sketching 

 Bisma Manzoor's magical Art

Post by ARIF RASHID on Sunday, March 19, 2023

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Bisma Manzoor is a sketch  artist who has sculpted a significant place in the art of drawing sketches winning her several awards at local and UT level. Bisma , now 14, had started drawing sketches  at a very young age when she was in class 2nd. Her amazing drawing skills at a younger age would leave everyone spellbound.
Hailing  from the Goshbugh village of the Pattan in North Kashmir,  Bisma has competed in several art competitions which has not only given her recognition but also  made her famous on online  platforms.
 Continuing with her success in skill of drawing  sketches, Bisma  recently  topped  the sketch competition held at UT level. Bisma is a student in the 9th grade at the Liaquat educational institution in his native village.
While talking to Rising Kashmir Bisma said , "When I was in the 2nd grade, I started drawing cartoon sketches that I  liked most in my childhood. I have created various sketches of the cartoons that were famous among kids  during that time."
"When I was a kid  I happened to  visit an Anganwadi Centre where different  illustrations and charts instilled a sort of interest in me to draw. I wondered  why  I couldn't create similar drawings. This is how my tryst with sketch drawing begun." says Bisma
When Bisma's mother bought her colored, sketch pencils and drawing charts,there was no looking back.  "That is how I gathered   the  concept for the drawing, I made various cartoon sketches in the beginning," she said.
"When I was studying in the 5th standard, I created my first sketch  which was of my English teacher, but it required more  improvement .  After the COVID-19 lockdown was imposed across the Kashmir valley, I did a lot of research on the sketch art and learned a lot of things from YouTube regarding this  art, as there was no one in my family who could taught me this skill," Bisma said.
In the beginning Bisma uploaded her work on social media platforms like Instagram which fetched her a lot of positive response and appreciation.  "People liked my work, and I started receiving orders from across the valley. Till this date, I have received 50 orders, and   have created 50 sketches for the customers who have ordered their handmade sketches from me," she said
 Bisma  is currently working on a sketch of DC Baramulla Sehrish Asgar. She says that the sketch close to her heart was that of a little boy who had died ten years back.
"I created a sketch of a boy from my village who passed away ten years ago. I  made the sketch without even taking a look at his picture. When I presented the sketch to his family they were spell bound and did not believe I had drawn it. Presently, I am drawing the sketch of Deputy Commissioner Baramulla Sehrish Asgar, which I will handover to her within a few days," Bisma said.
She said that she has  received various  district-level, zonal-level, division-level, and state-level awards and was ranked first in all the sketch competitions. 
"During the month of December 2022, I got first rank in the sketch competition in the My Town, My Pride program. In the state-level sketch competition, I also received first place. I have also participated in various local sketch competitions in the Baramulla district, where I have also topped," Bisma said.
"I have created a sketch of the team members of the world famous South Korean music band  the BTS, I have also created a sketch of the South Korean-based actor, singer, and model,  Lee Min-ho, who is famous across the world for  his role as "Gu Jun-Pyo" in "Boys Over Flowers," Bisma said.
She said , "I do not use colors in my sketch art because it is fully based on the black and white quality. I am using pencil, charcoal, and charcoal powder in my sketch art, and the sketches  look very beautiful in black and white colors." 
She says that being a girl, it was difficult for her to continue this art, but due to the support of her  family has been able  to continue making strides in her passion.
 "I want to become a good sketch artist ,it is my and my family's  dream.  My family is supporting and appreciating me for my work . I want to see  my career  shine in Sketch Art. There is a good and huge scope for sketch art in this modern world." she said.
" In the  beginning, the sketch Art looks very difficult ,but learning the skills  from YouTube has helped me a lot. This art has now become my passion.  I want to pursue my higher education in  sketch art," she added.

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