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Your search for a perfect job only a click away

Srinagar teenager develops a web application,'Jobs Kashmir

Post by Insha Latief Khan on Monday, December 12, 2022

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For the skilled people of Kashmir to get their desired job, Sareer Showkat Mir, a teenager, has developed  a web application named 'Jobs Kashmir'.  

 Sareer , a class 9 student has become the youngest web developer and graphic designer of Kashmir.

Similar to employment platforms like Indeed and Naukri.com, the Jobs Kashmir is a one-stop destination for job listings and caters to the population of Kashmir who are either recruiting or looking for jobs.

Sareer’s motive is to lower the unemployment rate in Kashmir, which according to his research, has reached 25 percent and is rising.

“The job providers put their advertisements on social media pages where the ideal candidate cannot find them. Using this web-application, we can collect all the jobs in one location, which simplifies the process,” he said.

Employers and candidates can register on the site and each will have a separate backend-dashboard.

“The employer will be able to create jobs based on his needs and post them which will be approved by the administration and published on the site so that no fake employer dupes the candidate,” Sareer revealed.


 The candidate's dashboard has numerous capabilities including a resume builder, a list of jobs for which he has applied, direct messaging with the employer and numerous other tools.

Since the website was launched a few days ago, it is free and doesn’t charge anything.

Talking about the website, he said that the offered jobs can be categorized and filtered in terms of salary, degree, experience, and location.

“The candidate can add multiple filtrations to it according to their needs. They can adjust the pay scale as per their needs and it will get all the job listings for the candidates to apply,” he added.

Calling the website hassle free and one stop destination for jobs listings, he said that people don’t need to search jobs page by page on several social media handles.  

He further said that he is trying to get more job opportunities for people by tying up with indeed, American worldwide employment website for job listings 

“We are trying to tie up with Indeed and request them for the Application Programming Interface (API) Key of Kashmir which will help us get the job listings for Kashmir and automatically all the job listings of Kashmir will be on our site,”  Sareer said.

 Hailing from Srinagar, has always had immense  interest in the field of Information Technology and wants to have his own IT company in future.











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