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Study tips for exam preparation 
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Study tips for exam preparation 

Post by DR. KANCHAN NEGI on Wednesday, December 21, 2022

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“Exam” – The mere thought of this word sends a shiver down the spine, isn’t it? Exam fear starts with the announcement of the date and runs till the last day. But one needs to clearly understand that the symptoms such as anger, irritation, sweating, high BP, headache, fear, negative thoughts, panic attacks, increased heartbeat, and even fever before the day of the exam happen due to either lack of preparation or lack of confidence. So, in today’s article let me share some vital study tips for exam preparation – 
• Study Smarter, Not Longer: The main rule as a student one should remember is that studying for a long time does not equal studying effectively. The longer one tries to stay focused, the less information one retains as the brain seeks a little rest and makes one distracted. But that is just what the majority of students do when they try to catch up and get ready for exams. So, should you do the same? Certainly, not! Of course, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to spend time reciting your notes at all. It just means that you can achieve much more in less time.
• Pay attention to the note-taking method that you are using. Change it if you think that your notes are not convenient to navigate through. Create a schedule for every day that includes hours that you dedicate to studying. Stick to it. Though many students know that taking notes is essential, not all of them actually pay attention to the method that they are using. However, if you want to be successful in your studies, this is the first thing that you should work on. There are a lot of various note-taking methods that you should try. 
For example, you might try out the Boxing method and find out that it is pretty convenient for classes that are split into sections. At the same time, the Mapping method is great for lectures that contain a lot of structured information and also helps you out if you are a visual learner. Try out the Cornel method, as it is effective for various lectures and classes. Once you make your notes work, you will be able to navigate through them easier and retain information better. Moreover Create a Schedule as a right schedule is an important part of the study routine of any student. It’s crucial to be able to dedicate enough time to do your homework and be disciplined when it comes to procrastination.
There is also a method that is called the Pomodoro technique that every student should try. This is basically a time management method that implies working on short but intensive intervals alternated with breaks. For example, you can study for 30 minutes straight and then have a short five- to ten-minute break. Set the timers, so you stick to the schedule and have longer breaks (around 20 minutes) every 3-4 intervals.
• Have Breaks:Even the sharpest mind needs breaks. It’s crucial to have rest in order to stay focused and organized. Take short breaks every 40-50 minutes of studying and spend them on snacking, listening to music, etc. You will definitely see the difference, as it will be easier for you to get back to studying.
• Be Focused: Many students think that they are quite productive, while not even noticing that the majority of the time they spend on studying and doing their homework, they are procrastinating. Scrolling through social media or texting with your friends is not the way to get ready for the exam. You can do it later.
• Have a comfortable place to study: Having a desk with a comfortable chair is not always possible. But you can still have a place to do your homework. Keep this area clean, and you will notice that your mind is much sharper. But why is it important to keep your place neat and clean? Some studies show us that cluttered and messy spaces tend to affect our concentration, mood, and productivity. So, just cleaning your desk from unnecessary things can boost your studying routine. Moreover, your brain constantly makes associations with the setting around you. If you have a particular time and place for studying, your brain will get used to it, and study sessions will be much easier to handle.
• Set goals: You will definitely need the motivation to study, so pay attention to the goals that you are trying to achieve. Break them into short-term and long-term goals and divide them into even smaller tasks that you can complete every day. When you have clear goals and tasks, it’s easier to keep track of your progress and your achievements. You can reward yourself with some treat or anything else that brings you joy every time when you complete another task.
It’s also crucial to set your priorities and stick to them while getting ready for the finals. Prioritize your studies and plan your study sessions first. We know that it’s hard, but this is what actually works for the majority of students.
• Avoid Muti -tasking during preparations: Multitasking isn’t effective when it comes to studying. As there is a lot of information that your brain needs to retain, try not to mix it up, or else your studying won’t be productive. So, end the topic or section first and then start another one.
• Stay motivated & remember you are unique: Attitude and mind set play a crucial role in successful and easy studying. Don’t under estimate yourself. Remind yourself that you have the apt study skills and can achieve anything. You should always be your greatest supporter. Remember, No negative thinking. Thoughts like, ‘I will never do it,’ ‘I can’t stand doing it anymore, ‘I’m a total failure, I will fail it for sure’ are not acceptable if you want to pass your exam. 
On a concluding note, in order to have the willpower and motivation needed to be consistent with the amount of effort you exert for productivity, you must limit or eliminate counterproductive habits while enforcing new habits that help productivityand make you achieve your set targets. After all, a dream does not become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination, and hard work to accomplish your goals. 

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