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Sher-e-Kashmir varsity researchers introduce multi-coloured capsicums with high medicinal value, anti-oxidant properties

Post by ANI on Monday, October 3, 2022

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The high-tech poly houses of Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (SKUAST) are filled these days with varieties of green, yellow, red and brown capsicums with high medicinal value and antioxidant properties which have been introduced by scientists.

For the last few years, the experts and researchers of Sher-e- Kashmir University of agricultural science and technology (SKUAST) are playing a tremendous role to promote the agriculture sector in the valley, and vegetable cultivation is one of the important parts of this income-generating sector. So this year, scientists on the campus have done another successful experiment and introduced multicolored capsicum without compromising quality. While talking about the benefits of these multi-colored capsicums an official told ANI that colors are due to pigments, when different colors come in capsicum it is due to different pigments. The official added, "These pigments have a very important role. They work as an antioxidant, anticarcinogenic". While underlining other uses of these newly introduced capsicums the official said, "if we see in the fast food industry, these multi-colored capsicums have a very important role there too. For example, in pizza, the toppings can be done of multi-colored capsicums also".

"Colorful or multi-colored things are liked more as compared to green colored capsicums and these capsicums have a higher medicinal value and their rate is also higher in the market, providing profit to the supplier", the official added.

With the help of this revolutionary step the vegetable sector will reach new heights and the quality of the vegetable crops will also increase in the future. These days scientists and researchers of SKUAST are doing different experiments in high-tech poly houses for the development of vegetable cultivation so that in the future people can use different varieties of vegetables. (ANI)

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