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Qayoom Badshah: Kashmir’s 45-inchtall comedian

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Sunday, September 25, 2022

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Abdul Qayoom Bhat, popularly known as ‘Qayoom Badshah’ is a Kashmiri comedy actor who is loved for his hysterical skits and making people roll over laughing.

The 45-inch tall comedian is one of the best comedians in Kashmir, who have entertained people for decades.

He has made a place in hearts of Kashmiri people with his funny skits long before the age of social media and brought unique elements of comedy to his acts.

The artist got fame in Kashmir during 1990s after he started comedy in local Kashmiri language on Doordarshan and other platforms and became a household name.

Hailing from Tarzoo village of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district, Badshah has been entertaining people for the past 35 years and is known by everyone.

After completing his 10th from a government school in Hygam village of Sopore, Badshah started entertaining people and left his education midway for his hobby.

Being an elder son in the family, the short man during his childhood would make fun of his height while some encouraged him from joining Bollywood industry.

“After struggling for several years, I got entry to Doordarshan and debuted with  ‘Gadbadshah’ drama serial which was popular during 1990s in Kashmir,” he said.

The 46-year-old Badshah said due to his short height, people started calling him ‘Gadbadshah’ but he was not happy with the name as it was name of the drama.

“I had a desire that people would recognize my talent with artistic skills and for that I worked very hard,” he said.

Badshah met prominent artist Bashir Budgami, who was an additional producer at Doordarshan, that time. “He introduced my role in his drama ‘Jan Sob’ and then ‘Gule Mooth’ and these serials were the most popular dramas at that time on DD Kashir.”

“After a few successful entries in Doordarshan, I worked with Nazir Josh in ‘Insaaf’. It was also a turning point of my life as people came to know about my talent,” he said.

Badshah is an approved artist of Doordarshan and worked over the years to entertain people with his unique comedy videos. “It was love of people that they supported my work at every stage,” he said.

Badshah’s acting in Insaaf serial also helped him to gain popularity among people in Kashmir. The serial used to be telecast on weekends and its main theme would revolve around politicians and bureaucrats.

The comedian said it was a political satire drama and they would criticize people at the helm of affairs and it gained more popularity among the people.

“Looking back at past gives me hope that I have entertained people when there was no social media and other mediums available. There was respect and love for artists,” he said.

Badshah after successful serials, worked for a local drama company, that later were distributing their content through CDs and it was also praised by the people.  

“Every comedian has a story to tell.  There are ups and downs in everyone’s life. I thank the Almighty for giving me unique talent to entertain people,” he said.

Badshah is now aiming for big screen and has acted recently in Bollywood movie ‘Kashmir Se’ along with other prominent artists. The movie is directed by Hussain Khan and it is likely to be released by December this year.

He has also worked in web series in Rajasthan and Mumbai cities and in other parts of India.

The veteran comedian uses common words in special and beautiful way. He also presents them with a tinge of comedy on problems. People feel connected to him because of his style.

“My thoughts can’t change the society but if only one person is influenced,it is enough and that will give me relief. I am very passionate to promote my culture and language,” Badshah said.

He said if a person is able to make others smile that is the biggest achievement for an artist. “I have been entertaining people of Kashmir for more than three decades but I was never appreciated by the local administration. People still remember my contribution and I will continue to do so,” Badshah said.

About the young artists performing on social media these days, he said the new artist lack many qualities and they should consult their teachers before starting comedy.

“Training is important for every artist. There is also a need for a proper script and dialogue which can make comedy impactful,” he said. 

“There is a need for short composition, suspense, punch, and other vital components of any serial. Youth should train themselves and work hard on script and observation. When there is a good script, we can produce good dramas and movies,” said Badshah.

Badshah said although there is no dearth of talent in the new generation but they need to polish their ideas. “There are always ups and downs behind the success of everyone, but one should work hard and move forward,” he said.

In Kashmir his name is known and when he is seen at any place people stop and take selfies with him.

In his message to the young artists, he says the aspiring artists should never lose hope and keep doing good work.  “We should promote real comedy and not vulgarity which spreads hatred among different communities. Humanity is above all religions and there is no space for creed, color, and discrimination,” he said.

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