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Post by on Friday, April 22, 2022

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Yesterday when I looked at that poverty-stricken girl

When she was holding her begging bowl

Lachrymose it made me after seeing her

I rued why I couldn’t provide her succour

People insinuated her for importuning

And she was subjected to lampooning

Still she exhorted for some pennies

So that hunger of days together she avoids

People doubted her that she is masquerading

Willy-nilly she still continued persuading

Late night when I was pondering on bed

This though suddenly struck my head

What If I were born a destitute

Obviously, I too have been ridiculed by that snoot

Then decided to take this lesson with me forever

Helping poor is every human’s fundamental devoir


(  The poet is Columnist and Law student at Kashmir University. He tweets atummar_jamal and can be reached at umarjamal968@gmail.com)


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