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Dear Editor,

This is regarding the poor city drainage system which gets exposed after intermittent rains lash out in Srinagar. On Tuesday and also on Wednesday, the rain water filled the streets of Srinagar making it difficult for pedestrians and commuters to travel in the city. At Baba Demb, the water after Tuesday’s rain reached up to the knees and many cars also got stranded due to water that stopped their engines. It was shocking to see so much water in the streets in such a short time. Initially we thought some major pipeline had got damaged but then it turned out to be the rain water. Pedestrian had to board a car or bus to cross the road. This is very shameful for a city that has been selected for smart city development. Water-logging has been a problem for years now but the most authorities are able to do is install few pumps at select places and then wait. This is horrible.

Sadaf Malik



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