Sky is the limit

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Sky is the limit

Prof.FirdoosAhmad Itoo

Today as a teacher, I would like to share the words of R.H. Schuller from his book, “Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do”. He writes, “proud people are inclined to withdraw. Don’t reject or neglect the free hope and help that is available. Start listening to positive thinking messages.”

Students, you must have qualified your 10th and 12th class exam with flying colors. Great! Hence, you deserve celebrations, but, remember by default you inculcated a ray of hope in your parents and people associated with you. Therefore, don’t let them down now. Always remember your goal.

Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities. “Better is not to isolate yourselves from help, but do insulate yourself from negative forces and negative personalities.”

Today you are growing up and your parents must be encouraging you to read on daily basis. You must believe that reading books is nothing more than interacting with nature.

And like any good conversation, when you walk away from it (book), you begin to see world through new set of eyes. That time you should thank your parents instruction, that you have developed a deep love of reading and a serious hunger for knowledge. No one is perfect here but if one remains curious and open to new ideas, he will certainly succeed in feature.

How much time one should spend in reading? It is not a mystery but open fact that as long as he is able to concentrate on his books. Don’t count hours you spend on books, but count concepts you were able to clear.

Chalk down misconceptions and start working on them from the day you confront them. Don’t waste your time. Just be simple and merciful to yourself.

Too many people in the world today spend more time watching television or surfing social sites than they spend time in nurturing their intellectual base. Often we forget about our capabilities and unfortunately waste our time on things which hardly matter to us.

We are living in a world where ideas are the commodity of success. The most successful and fulfilled people are those who think the best thoughts. We can act on what we know. And when we know better, we can choose better. We have to realize that great life is nothing more than a series of days we lived together like a string of pearls. Better is to focus on building great days and a great life is sure to follow. 

We should share both gratitude and feelings. We should say “thank you” to the people who helped and make it happen.

At the point of success we should turn more responsible and cautious about our future. If at this moment we get drowned in the sea of arrogance then there is no one who is going to save us from the disaster which must be waiting somewhere ahead.

While our life is going through turbulences, we must not give up and should realize that we are bound to learn to live a static life. We should remember that awareness precedes change.

We will never be able to eliminate our weakness but we can take our first step towards eliminating a negative habit and that is to become aware of it. Once we develop awareness about the behavior we are trying to change, it becomes easy for us to give up such habits. 

One should be aware of his weaknesses. And should stop blaming his parents or economy or circumstances. As George Bernard Shaw said: “the people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.”

We should learn from today that we have to give our best so that tomorrow we may not repent about our fate. We should stop complaining about things which we don’t have. We should try to avail our meagre income according to our priorities and education must be our priority after heath.

Robin Sharma in his book “Who Will Cry When You Die?”writes: “If we sleep seven hours a night then we should work eight hours every day, you still have more than sixty-three hours of free time every week to do all the things you want to do. This amounts to 252 hours every month and 3,024 hours every single year to spend on life’s pursuits. There has never been a more exciting time to be alive in the history of the world and you have choice to seize the boundless possibilities that every day presents.”

There must be pupil who failed this time in qualifying their exams or must be feeling down because of the low percentage, but, they should remember that this is the beginning of their’ carrier and not the end.

Hence, they should stand up and start running a race which has started just now.

Their energy is still preserved and they can win this race if they will take this challenge seriously. People who face failure at their first step usually become more serious about their future and hence, through their determination they turn as winners.

Such people are remembered in history, as the story of their success creates history. So be the part of that History now. How much time you have squandered in the past, the next hour that comes your way will be perfect, unspoiled and ready for you to make the very best of it.

Your future is going to be spotless. Every dawn surely brings new opportunity so that we may begin new life. So, let’s work for that success!



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