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Mushtaq Hafiz: A successful chartered engineer 
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Mushtaq Hafiz: A successful chartered engineer 

Post by Insha Latief Khan on Wednesday, December 28, 2022

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Mushtaq Hafiz, a chartered engineer, has been in the field of engineering for more than two decades. In the early 90s, he opened the consultancy with the name Crystal Planning and Design Associates, one among the first consultancies in the valley.
Mushtaq who was a government engineer had left the job to focus on his consultancy which is run by him and his wife who is an architect by profession. 
The firm comprises a team of architectural consultants, structural engineers, interior designers and builders.
After working as a structural engineer in various parts of India and other countries, he became the associate member of Institute of Engineers, India. Based on the membership, experience and knowledge, he was awarded with a degree, Chartered Engineer by the Institute of Engineers, India. The role of a chartered engineer is the loss assessor, consultant and can start consultation across the globe. 
Talking about this profession and the opportunities it holds for the younger generation, Mushtaq said, “Engineering has always been people’s top career choice but yet many don’t explore it much. Though the profession of engineering is vast, many youths are rendered jobless.”
He further said that the younger generations waste much of their time waiting for government jobs.In order to shape the future of engineering, instead of seeking a job, one must be able to create employment, he believes.
Stressing on the internship period for freshers he said, “The profession demands effort, hardwork and patience. For the freshers, it’s very important to move out of the state and have the experience of some reputed company which can give them exposure and knowledge relevant to the field.”
Talking about his early life, he said that in the early 90s, people of Kashmir recognized only two professions- medical and engineering. He pursued B.Tech in civil engineering from Bangalore University in 1995.
“People were not aware of the other careers or other branches of engineering. The time that I spent outside really gave me the boost and got me in touch with the wonderful people. However, my batchmates later joined different professions and some made their name in foreign countries,” he said.
After working in many parts of India and other countries, he came back to home in 2001 and started a consultancy with the finest team of engineers and architects.
“The consultancy was one of the firsts in Kashmir. The team consisted of wonderful people. Some people had worked with the government and they used their knowledge here,” he said.
In the beginning, it was difficult for the team to make its presence in the market due to the lack of awareness among people. After three years, people started approaching them for the consultations.
In winters, every year Kashmir receives moderate to heavy snowfall which results in huge loss due to the collision of houses. Experts suggest that people should seek advice from the professionals - architects and structural engineers before going for any construction.
He said, “For construction, professional help has to be taken. Architect can show you the drawing but it’s the responsibility of an engineer to see whether the site is going to bear the load or not.  The Kashmir valley is prone to earthquakes so people have to take various cautions.”
Mushtaq said that some population in the valley is aware but a good population still lacks the awareness about the importance of architects and engineers.
He further said that in Kashmir, the multistory buildings are being constructed and the responsibility of a property owner is to hire professional people.
Mushtaq further said that he has constructed the shopping malls in Karan Nagar which are five to seven storeys and if government allows, the malls can further be expanded. 
“With proper testing of soil, better material and construction patterns, one can make good buildings which can last longer and can’t collapse. Engineering is all about proper planning,” he explained.
 He further said that technology has advanced the field of engineering. “The technology has caused dynamic changes in the field. Demand for consultancies, engineers, designers etc. across the globe have gone up. In such a time, one should be updated with various technological advancements,” he said.

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