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LC&MA to restore navigation channels in Dal Lake

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Thursday, September 29, 2022

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Srinagar, Sep 28: The department of Lakes Conservation and Management Authority (LCMA) is going to restore the navigation channels in Dal Lake here.
A senior official of the department told Rising Kashmir that the department on the directions of higher authorities will restore the navigation channels. He said department will restore around 10 kilometers of navigation channels on the lake by the end of this year.
According to the officer, this will provide a huge relief for the people who live on the lake. He further said that the work on this project will begin soon. Also, the water flow will increase.
“The Dal Lake is the priority of the department and we are working tirelessly to keep the lake neat and clean,” the officer said, adding that the people at some locations in the lake were complaining of a foul smell. Once the work is completed, there will be no more smell at all.
A dweller at the lake said this would provide them with major relief after "Paws" at the dal lake would be resorted to. "This was our long-standing demand to restore these channels." 
Dr. Bashir Ahmad VC Lakes Conservation and Management Authority earlier speaking to rising Kashmir said that there are several under consideration for the betterment of the lake.
He stated that the department is acquiring modern machinery for lake cleaning and that they have also launched a double shift to clean the lake as soon as possible.
The dwellers at Lake have hoped that the work on the restoration of the navigation channels will be carried out soon, adding that the department should execute this work before the winter.
The department also stated that some measures are being taken for the battement of the lake, and by the end of this month, all 650 houseboats will be connected with STPs, and the solid waste will not be thrown into the dal lake directly.
Dr. Bashir confirmed the restoration of the navigation channels at dal lake. However, he didn’t share the deadline for the project.

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