Kulgam boy creates a low-cost, portable egg incubator
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Kulgam boy creates a low-cost, portable egg incubator

Post by Younus Rashid on Saturday, April 1, 2023

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Kulgam: After two years of hard labour, a 10-year-old boy from Kulgam village created a low-cost egg incubator. Despite various challenges, the young inventor's perseverance paid off as he successfully developed a portable incubator that is both economical and efficient. 
Momin Ishaq, a Munad Guffan resident, has created a low-cost, portable egg incubator to help the local poultry business and small-scale farmers, in addition to providing a regulated environment for hatching eggs.
A student in the second grade at Government High School Munad, Momin has been curious about the abundance of colored chicks in the market since he was a young child.
Since his childhood Momin aspire to make an innovation that would benefit  not only  people around him but also  small scale farmers. 
“I was rearing ‘desi chickens,’ but they weren't hatching eggs. Hence I worked on creating a low-cost egg incubator for around two years and completed it successfully,” he said.
An incubator is usually large in size and helps to hatch eggs besides keeping a suitable temperature when chicks start to brood.
But, Momin's incubator is portable and the least expensive. Momin told Rising Kashmir that his incubator can hatch 200 eggs at once. 
“As of now, the incubator has hatched the eggs and others will follow,” Momin said.
He said the incubator was designed in such a way that it maintains a temperature of 37.5 degrees, which is required for hatching the eggs, and that the process takes 18 days, provided it gets uninterrupted electricity.
Despite many odds and many failed attempts, Momin didn't give  up on this. Not even the power outages could deter his plans. 
"At times electricity would play hide and seek but I continued to work," he added 
Momin, believes that this project will be a boon to the poultry industry. He claims that the incubator is a three-in-one product that can hatch eggs, serve as a cooler, and charge mobile phones.
His father, Mohd Ishaq Teeli, told Rising Kashmir that his son worked hard on this project despite being too young.  “I borrowed money from others to purchase an inverter battery, which kept his project alive. I'm glad that my son is involved in this project.” Teeli called the innovation  as ‘his dream project.’
He further said, "We need to provide great support to our youngsters who aspire to good to society."

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