Innovative Pudendal Nerve Block Used Successfully in Minimally Invasive Hemorrhoid Procedure at DH Kulgam
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Innovative Pudendal Nerve Block Used Successfully in Minimally Invasive Hemorrhoid Procedure at DH Kulgam

Post by Younus Rashid on Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Doctors at the peripheral hospital in Kulgam district successfully performed a Minimally Invasive Procedure for Hemorrhoids (MIPH) surgery using the Simplified Easily Reproducible Pudendal Nerve Block Technique for Anorectal (SEPTA) surgery on an elderly patient.

The elderly patient with hemorrhoids was evaluated, and MIPH was planned. Due to the patient's advanced age and multiple comorbidities, the surgery was performed under local block.

Dr. Arshad Ahmad Baba, a consultant surgeon at DH Kulgam, told Rising Kashmir that an elderly patient with hemorrhoids was brought in for evaluation. Considering the patient's suitability for the minimally invasive procedure, which is usually painful, they opted for the SEPTA block.

The surgeon had previously performed the MIPH procedure for the first time in 2019 at DH Kulgam. “This time, what was important was the use of a local block method. The patient was elderly, and we considered conventional anesthesia not advisable. This block is called SEPTA block, which we performed,” he said.

He said, the advantages of this procedure, is that the patient can walk, eat, and visit the restroom without assistance within one or two hours. Additionally, it is free of complications of spinal anesthesia.

“In this procedure, the patient can be discharged within a day. Otherwise, in other anesthesia cases, patients take some hours to regain consciousness,” he said, adding that the patient is recovering well and was discharged from the hospital on the first POD.

The anesthesia team consisted of Dr. Jahangir (Consultant Anesthesia), Dr. Nuzhat, Dr. Aqsa, Mr. Farooq, Mr. Shabir, and Mr. Aga Imdad. The surgical team was led by Dr. Arshad Ahmed Baba (Consultant Surgeon), Dr. Imtayaz, Mr. Aejaz, and Mr. Mohideen. Dr. Gulzar Ahmad, Medical Superintendent at DH Kulgam, provided essential logistical support and patronage. The MS congratulated the entire team of doctors and paramedical staff.

The patient received treatment under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, where patients do not have to bear any expenses.










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