Indian Army vigilant at LOC to stop any attempt of infiltration in North Kashmir
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Indian Army vigilant at LOC to stop any attempt of infiltration in North Kashmir

Post by ANI on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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The Indian Army has stepped up its vigilance along the Line of Control (LOC) in Kupwara district of North Kashmir, constantly striving to thwart any attempts of infiltration from Pakistan.

An Indian Army official said, "We the soldiers of the country patrol day and night for the security of the nation. We have weapons of the new generation which have range till long distance. It is tough but as it is about the country's security we have to remain alert. We are using new generation weapons with ranges up to 1000m, 700m and 1500 mts. Our soldiers are alert for 24 hours."

With an unwavering determination and a strong commitment to national security, the Indian Army stands firm in its mission to protect the borders and ensure the safety of the nation.

As the LOC serves as a critical barrier between India and Pakistan, it has witnessed numerous infiltrations and security threats in the past but the Indian Army has consistently displayed its utmost readiness and perseverance in countering these attempts.

With their extensive training, advanced surveillance systems, and meticulous planning, they employ a multi-layered defence mechanism to counter any potential infiltrations. Through a combination of regular patrols, state-of-the-art technologies, and intelligence gathering, they are able to gather critical information on any suspicious activities near LOC.

This intelligence is promptly analyzed and acted upon to neutralize any infiltrators before they can enter Indian territory. The soldiers put their lives on the line day in and day out to preserve the integrity of the nation.

Their unwavering commitment and willingness to face any challenge in defence of their motherland deserve the utmost respect and admiration. (ANI)

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