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Follow ‘Hindu Muslim Sikh Ittihad’ slogan to become ‘Vishwa Guru’: Javed Rana
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Follow ‘Hindu Muslim Sikh Ittihad’ slogan to become ‘Vishwa Guru’: Javed Rana

Post by RK News on Monday, May 29, 2023

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Srinagar, May 28: President Jammu and Kashmir National Conference (JKNC) Pir Panjal Zone  Javed Ahmed Rana on Sunday said that India cannot attain the target of becoming the ‘Vishwa Guru’ without following the slogan of ‘Hindu Muslim Sikh Ittihad Zindabad—Zindabad’ in letter and spirit. 
Addressing a public meeting here, the senior NC leader asserted that in order to become a world leader it is inevitable to make the nation strong and a vibrant democracy first. He said that in this direction, the unity among various communities especially the Hindus, Muslims and the Sikhs is a sin qua non. 
Without naming any party, Rana said, “It is quite unfortunate that communal politics is being played today for winning elections thus creating a communal divide among the people. Though it may satiate the vested interests of the party adopting this tool, it will ultimately weaken or even lead to disintegration.”
Javed added, “Pir Panjal has also become victimized by the vindictive politics of the incumbent government due to which this region is being blatantly discriminated against. As a result of this discrimination, the region has further suffered in terms of development. The region did suffer a lot due to partition but the incumbent has further plunged this region and its people into utter backwardness.” 
The former legislator asserted that the whole Pir Panjal area was neglected in the name of development and this region is left at the mercy of God. He expressed great disappointment against the government for not paying any attention towards this backward region situated at LoC, terming it quite unfortunate.
“Such stance of those in governance will only create fissions in the society which does not augur well with democratic health of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said, adding that there is a dire need to strengthen the democracy in J&K by holding Assembly elections at the earliest.
The senior NC leader asserted that the slogan of ‘Hindu, Muslim, Sikh Ittihad Zindabad’ be made the fundamental principle to run this nation so that democracy which stands endangered today thrives across the nation.

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