Enduring legacy of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (AS) commemorated 
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Enduring legacy of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (AS) commemorated 

Post by RK News on Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Srinagar, Dec 08: Anjuman Shari'i Shia conducted a series of poignant gatherings known as Fatimiyya Majlis, drawing believers from across the valley. These gatherings served as a tribute and remembrance of the illustrious life and indelible contributions of Hazrat Fatima Al-Zahra (AS).
The heartening events were aimed to honour the enduring strength and unwavering courage epitomised by Hazrat Fatima Al-Zahra (AS), the Anjuman said in a statement.
At the Central Imam Bargah in Budgam, the leader of the Anjuman, Syed Hasan Al-Musawi Al-Safavi delivered a resonating discourse on Hazrat Fatima Al-Zahra (AS). His impassioned words underscored her paramount significance in Islamic history, emphasising her revered status among believers.
Additionally, Syed Hasan expressed concern over the ongoing conflicts in Palestine, urging for an immediate ceasefire to prevent further loss of innocent lives, and foreseeing the potential escalation of unrest in the region.
Another significant congregation took place at Jamia Masjid Chhatargam, under the guidance of Agha Syed Mujtaba Abbas Al-Musawi Al-Safavi. On Friday, attendees congregated to reflect upon the societal challenges prevalent today, delving into the enduring legacy of Hazrat Zahra (AS) during the Fatimid era. Agha passionately illuminated Hazrat Zahra's unwavering support for her father Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and her steadfast commitment to safeguarding Islam.
Honouring Hazrat Zahra's memory, Agha Mujtaba called upon all to emulate her spirit not merely in words but by embracing the responsibilities entrusted to women in Islam. He encouraged women to actively fulfill their roles within society, considering it a tribute to the remarkable legacy of Hazrat Zahra (AS).
The Fatimiyya Majlis served as a profound tribute to the enduring influence and exemplary character of Hazrat Fatima Al-Zahra (AS), resonating deeply within the hearts of attendees and fostering a deeper understanding of her unparalleled contributions to Islamic history.

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