Better planning
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Better planning

Post by on Thursday, February 24, 2022

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The turn in weather has caught us all off guard. There has been heavy snowfall in different regions of the valley since last night. Traffic got affected, there were power outages due to transmission line failures, and at some places emergency services got impacted. Government and the concerned authorities have been trying their best to restore services and bring some respite to the people. We all know that one can predict natural calamities exactly despite the fact that weather forecasting technology has improved a lot over the years. It is a known fact that streets in Srinagar are prone to water logging and the condition of roads in most of the towns and the city is going to get worse in coming days when the snow starts melting. It will be a daunting task for the administration to keep the roads in Srinagar as well as in other districts from being inundated. The administration has to bear in mind that the roads have already developed cracks and potholes due to snow and freezing temperatures that were recorded all through the winter. Certainly, the administration has to carry out the repair work before summer sets in. Nevertheless it would be a great service to the city and its people if the roads are re-developed on modern lines.  We may pray for things to change for better in terms of weather but at the same time we should be prepared to meet the challenge in case weather deteriorates further. The question that has surged up is that what is the level of readiness of our administration? In the sunny days of year we often hear of various government departments conducting seminars and workshops on disaster management. Loads of lectures and tones of ideas are stuffed into our minds. We are enlightened about the latest techniques being adopted in developed countries; we are being apprised of the levels of danger that we are always living against; we are being guided to change our way to build homes and do other things that can help in the times of disasters, but has administration adequately prepared itself during this time. The time for applying all the disaster management talk has probably come. Over the years there has been a demand for a reserved and dedicated force to tackle natural disasters but nothing substantial has been done so far in that regard. Preparedness to control and contain disasters, natural or manmade, is an important pre-emptive step. A work force that is specially trained, and that is committed to play an important role in these situations is need of the hour. The belief that it is no more a problem in normal times has to be shunned by the government.



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