Airtel launches 5G connectivity in Zanskar, connects 25 remote villages to digital superhighway
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Airtel launches 5G connectivity in Zanskar, connects 25 remote villages to digital superhighway

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Post by Irfan Yattoo on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Srinagar, Nov 25: Bharti Airtel on Sunday launched 5G Connectivity in Zanskar Valley in Kargil district to its ultrafast Airtel 5G Plus network. This development makes Airtel as sole operator offering 5G services in the challenging terrain of Zanskar, situated at an altitude of 7756 meters above sea level.
A senior official at Airtel told Rising Kashmir that the strategic move is part of Airtel's broader initiative to bridge connectivity gaps in remote areas, including high-altitude valleys, through its cutting-edge Airtel 5G Plus services.
“With this expansion, Airtel aims to bring 25 villages in Zanskar Tehsil onto the digital superhighway, catering to the digital needs of the local population,” he said.
The official said that our company has been rapidly advancing its 5G roll-out across the country, connecting 20,000 villages and 5,000 towns by October 2023.
“Airtel 5G Plus is now accessible in all districts of the Union Territory of Ladakh. The residents of all 25 villages in Zanskar Valley can now experience the transformative power of 5G, aligning with the technological advancements enjoyed by millions of Indians," he said.
Given Zanskar's challenging weather conditions during winters, where the region becomes nearly uninhabitable for six months, the official said Airtel's 5G connectivity is positioned as a crucial asset for safety and communication during emergencies.
“The network is now operational in key locations, including Rangdrum, Phey Thang Zanskar, Sani Monastery, Kisherak Rd Padum, Techa Khasar, and Karsha, among others,” he added.
The launch is expected to not only elevate the quality of life for local residents but also enhance the readiness of Zanskar Valley as a popular tourist destination, particularly during its peak tourist season.
“As Zanskar attracts tourists with the famed 'Chadar Trek' along the frozen Zanskar River, Airtel's 5G connectivity ensures essential network access for both residents and visitors, underscoring its role in fostering connectivity in challenging terrains,” the official said.
Adarsh Verma, Chief Operating Officer of Bharti Airtel for Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh, said that the company is committed to provide good connectivity to customers in both J&K and Ladakh UT’s.
"We were the first telco to deploy high-speed 5G technology in J&K, and today we are delighted to be playing an important role in connecting the lives of our customers. We thank all our 0.9 million customers for embracing Airtel 5G Plus network," he said.
Verma said this initiative aligns with Airtel's dedicated commitment to narrowing the digital gap and linking communities that require connectivity the most.
"Our ongoing efforts include illuminating the entire Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, enabling customers to experience rapid access to multimedia streaming. This is a pivotal step towards enhancing digital access and enriching the communication experience for our valued users in the region,” he added.

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