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Acid attack
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Acid attack

Post by on Monday, February 14, 2022

First slide

You can disfigure ones body but not spirit

Eyes, face, neck along with the tipped

When you assault, don’t you feel chagrined

In clipping the wings of one who was winged

How can you subject her to everlasting horror?

When every time she would look into mirror

These incidents are unquestionably barbaric

Only and only beast can be such autocratic

Culprits, do you think you would be spared?

Then let me tell you, you are erred

How can humanity stoop so low?

Pondering over it often puts me into sorrow

You will be humiliated in both the worlds

He is one the from sky who everything observes


(Author is a columnist and law student at Kashmir University. He tweets at ummar_jamal and can be reached at umarjamal968@gmail.com)






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