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200-year-old shiva temple at Manasbalnew attraction for  visitors, pilgrims 
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200-year-old shiva temple at Manasbalnew attraction for  visitors, pilgrims 

Post by Umar Raina on Friday, April 7, 2023

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Ganderbal, Apr 06: An historic temple known as Shiv Temple, which is about 200 years old, is a new pilgrimage destination for pilgrims. It is situated in the Manasbal region close to the WularManasbal Development Authority (WMDA) in central Kashmir's Ganderbal District. 
The temple reportedly sunk in the pond, however, some of it is still standing, according to WMDA authorities. According to them, the temple was refurbished when the WularManasbal Development Authority (WMDA) was established, and it has since been a popular destination for pilgrims who go to the Kheer Bhawani temple in Tulmulla and the cave shrine at Amarnath.
According to a WullarManasbal Development Authority (WMDA) official, the temple is quite old, although nothing is known about its history. 
He stated that the Mansbal development authority is cleaning the temple so that tourists have no hassles. 
The temple was built in the Kashmiri architectural style of grey stone around 200 or 300 AD.
He added that the temple's maintenance is being done by the Manasbal development authority.
A casual labour Ghulam Rasool said the temple was believed to be built in the 9th century CE by Avantivarman (Shankaravarman), the founder of the Utpala dynasty, and is a submerged stone structure. 
"I took a plunge into the water-logged temple and found a foot tall Shivling within," he explained. 
"The water in the pond issweet and people claim it's beneficial for health," he told Rising Kashmir. 
Visitors who came to view this temple in Manasbal think it is an excellent example of Hindu-Muslim friendship. 
According to the locals, the temple has been fenced off so that no one pollutes the fresh water.

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