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No to Drugs , Yes to Life

Post by on Tuesday, August 10, 2021

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Drug abuse affects all of us, and all of us need to put our efforts to prevent its spread, its use , to avoid health economic, academic and legal implications and most importantly loss of precious life in unwanted and un dignified manner.
How can we help ourselves stay away from Addiction.
1. Don’t Give In To Peer Pressure, Learn to say NO.
2. Active involvement of Audio , video , print  and social media to educate and aware people  about the deleterious effects of drug Addiction.
3. Communicate with your friends, family and trustworthy people.
4. Adapt to  on healthy lifestyles, Balanced diet, exercise and meditation.
5. “ME TIME” Take Time For Yourself and get your worries addressed by your near and dear ones.
6. Engage in Mindfulness Activities.
7. Increase the availability, affordability and access to drug treatment programs. 
8. Use Medication only as and when Prescribed by your treating Doctor.
9. Keep hope alive. People with substance use disorders can recover. It is not only a social mennace but a medical disorder which is preventable as well as curable.
Dr Abdul Majid, 

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