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The Dark Room And The Gloom

Post by on Thursday, April 7, 2022

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I come back from the late evening run as usual; pass by your house


It’s night and your always bright house; is dark and quiet


Your plants and flowers seem sad and glum; it is the same with me, Oh ! Dear  Friend


They miss you as dearly as me - I fear; wonder though if you ever care


Your door misses my familiar knock; ‘Good Evening‘ was my opening shot


You used to open the door all smiling; Though I knew your ‘diplomat advocate’ personality, did some hiding


In your smile and looking down; I still heard a welcoming sound


You were always deep down on your ‘couch’; I am sure it misses your slouch


My seat was in the chair and it helped me adore you and stare!


I was always staring deep into your eyes, looking for some unexpressed love and affection buried inside


You too looked in sometimes a little longer and with our gaze locked stronger


But soon your shyness arrived, you looked away and smiled; Need to refresh your computer screen duly arrived


My heart as always kept beating fast; waiting to hear the imagined love syllables at last


Alas! I never heard them said; as if you never cared


You are away and your room is dark and gloomy; I sit sad and lonely


There is pain in my heart and deep yearning for love and acceptance;


With you gone, I know our last meeting is done; Forlorn, I feel my beautiful tender love is shun


Dear - stay well and stay clear and may GOD bless you with his eternal care





(The Author is a poet)

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