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Stray dogs rule the roost across Ganderbal 

People slam authorities for ‘failing’ to curb the growing canine population 

Post by Umar Raina on Tuesday, January 10, 2023

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Ganderbal, Jan 09: The menace of stray dogs in the entire Ganderbal district has become a matter of concern not only for residents but also for the authorities who have so far failed to put a check on the growing canine population. 
As per locals, there are thousands of dogs in Ganderbal town, Beehama, Duderhama, Gund, Kullan, Gagangir, Ganiwan, Rayil, Sumbal, Margund and Kangan areas and it seems that the authorities have no way to control them.
“Stray dogs can be seen in large groups around schools, footpaths, roads, and hospitals in the entire district. This is a matter of serious concern for all of us,” a local from the main town Ganderbal said, adding, “The school-going children and elderly people are more prone to attacks by dogs.”
Lashing out at the authorities for “failing” to curb the menace, the people said the increasing canine population has made their life hell.
Ahmad, who teaches Science at a private school in Ganderbal, told Rising Kashmir that the gestation period of dogs is 50-60 days which may increase by a few days. “It means after every two months, a female dog gives birth to average 4 puppies and they grow into dogs at an age of 7 months to 1 year. The number of births may increase by up to 10 puppies. So, the dog population grows 6 times more than human beings where the gestation period is 9 months and one child on average is born.”
Bilal, a local from Kangan, who is in his early 40s, said, “When we were teenagers, there was hardly a dog seen on roads, but now there is not a single place where you won’t find them. From footpaths to hospitals to shops, there are found everywhere.”
The people from all areas of Ganderbal believe that stray dogs are being dumped in the district at night. “This is because it seems the canine population has outnumbered humans here, and the authorities are not a bit concerned about it,” a local woman from Beehama said.
Another resident of Beehama said the stray dogs have attacked dozens of his cattle including sheep and goats.
The people of the district have appealed to the authorities to find a “sincere and permanent” solution to the menace that has been given them “sleepless nights”.

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