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Social Media Addiction
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Social Media Addiction

According to some studies, using social media excessively might cause emotions of worry, despair, and low self-esteem

Post by RK News on Friday, March 10, 2023

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Social media usage has permeated every aspect of our life. Teenagers in particular are using social media more frequently than ever thanks to the rising popularity of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Teenagers' excessive use of social media, however, has raised concerns in Kashmir.

Although social media is a fantastic tool for keeping in touch with friends and family, it can also be stressful and an anxiety-inducing environment, especially for young people. Social media use among teenagers in Kashmir has grown significantly in recent years as they use these platforms to interact with others and exchange ideas and experiences.

The effects on mental health of youngsters' due to excessive usage of social media are among the biggest worries. According to some studies, using social media excessively might cause emotions of worry, despair, and low self-esteem. This is especially true for teens, whose maturing brains make them more susceptible to these harmful consequences.

Moreover, social media addiction can have a severe effect on relationships, physical health, and academic achievement. Adolescents who spend a lot of time on social networking sites frequently neglect their academics and other obligations, which can affect their academic achievement. Excessive use of social media can also lead to strained relationships with family and friends and can even result in physical health problems due to lack of exercise and poor eating habits.

The dissemination of false information and propaganda through social media is a serious concern related to excessive usage of social media. Many a times social media has evolved into a vehicle for propagating false information and propaganda which could further polarize and divide the communities.

It is crucial that parents, teachers, and other adults inform youth about the risks associated with excessive social media use in order to solve these difficulties. Parents should keep an eye on their kids' social media usage and place restrictions on how much time they can spend online. Teachers should help inform teenagers about the detrimental effects of social media on relationships, academic achievement, and mental health.

While social media has numerous advantages, it can also have detrimental effects on relationships, mental health, and academic performance, especially for teenagers in Kashmir. Teenagers should be warned about the risks of using social media too much, and their online activities should be closely monitored to protect their safety.


(Author is Associate Professor, FABS, Sagar Group of Institutions, Hyderabad)

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