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Section-144 imposed in twin tehsils of Baramulla

Post by Noor Mohi-ud-din on Wednesday, December 28, 2022

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Baramulla, Dec 27: In order to maintain peace and tranquillity and to prevent any imminent danger to life and property, the district administration Baramulla Tuesday imposed restrictions under Section 144 CrPC in Gund Khawaja Qasim and Kanterbugh of Tehsil Singhpora and Pattan.
In an order vide No: DMB/29/2022, dated: 27-12-2022, it said that whereas, Deh/Shia Association Kanterbugh, through the medium of an application has objected to the grant of permission for conduct of programme at Imambargah Gund Khawaja Qasim Kanterbugh Pattan on 28th of December 2022 on the grounds that same may lead to law and order problem.
"Whereas, the application was endorsed to the Sr. Superintendent of Police Baramulla for necessary action under rules," the order said.
The Senior Superintendent of Police Baramulla vide letter No. CS/Permission/2022/10737 dated. 27.12.2022 has reported that venue of the Programme, i.e. Imambarah Kanterbugh Gund Khawaja Qasim has been a bone of contention between two rival groups since long and there is every apprehension that law and order situation may arise if the permission is granted in favour of one of the groups to conduct the scheduled programme.
The order further reads that Senior Superintendent of Police, Baramulla, while citing circumstances and assessment of ground situation, has recommended not to grant permission for the said programme.
"Now in order to maintain peace and tranquillity and to prevent any imminent danger to life and property, restrictions under Section 144 CrPC shall remain in force in villages Gund Khawaja Qasim and Kanterbugh of Tehsil Singapore and Pattan respectively," the order reads.
The official order said that no assembly or congregation(s) of four or more persons shall be allowed and no procession shall be allowed in the above said villages.
"No person, other than a member of the Armed Forces/ Police, Magistrate or a Public Servant duly authorized or on duty, shall carry firearms or an article capable of being used as a weapon of offense," it reads.
The order states that no person(s) shall use loudspeaker(s) or any other amplifying sound for making a speech or any announcement for any other purpose whether a moving vehicle(s) or otherwise except with prior permission of competent authority.
The order shall remain in force from 07:00 PM on 27th December 2022 till 07:00 AM on 29th December 2022.

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