Road Connectivity

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Road Connectivity

In Jammu and Kashmir, traffic on the all-weather road – Srinagar-Jammu highway – continues to be affected by the recent snowfall. Traffic on the highway is allowed one-way alternating between Srinagar to Jammu and Jammu to Srinagar, and that too is subjected to weather conditions. Authorities keep issuing advisories related to traffic movement based on weather conditions. Few days ago large numbers of vehicles and the people were stranded as they couldn’t reach the valley. Mughal Road and Srinagar-Kargil road continue to remain closed. With slippery road conditions, there is a higher risk of road accidents on almost all roads in Kashmir, particularly on those where snow has not been removed completely. The condition of roads in Kashmir usually incites pity as intermittent snow and rains leave them in a battered shape in the winter months. The priority of the administration remains to ensure that road connectivity is restored as soon as possible while maintenance of roads is pushed to backburner.  The highway being lifeline in Kashmir as goods and essentials including medicine are transported into the valley using this route, the administration need to intensify its efforts of clearing the road in the wake of landslides and snowfall in the region. Roads also need to be maintained on regular basis as numerous mishaps are witnessed every year in the region. What is unfortunate is that the government refuses to bulge despite hundreds of lives lost each year in addition to the woes of those who get stranded due to the closure of the highway. There have been reports coming from remote areas of the valley about obstructed roads. Divisional and district authorities are supposed to take stock of the situation and ensure that there is free passage of vehicles and people in their areas of jurisdiction. It has also become a challenge for traffic authorities to manage traffic as battered/blocked roads obstruct the smooth movement of vehicles. What is required is concerted efforts by district administration, traffic and road authorities to make sure that people do not suffer during the winter period. And the most unfortunate part, despite large scale and mega development plans boasted by the state government in last several years, there is still no all-weather road that can link the two main regions of Jammu and Kashmir throughout the year. If it couldn’t be realized with the touted 80,000 crore package that had a larger component for roads in the state, it is unlikely to be realized in the coming years. So the best bet remains keeping Srinagar-Jammu highway in shape at all times.              


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