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Making India Vishwa Guru is best tribute to Babasaheb: Rana
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Making India Vishwa Guru is best tribute to Babasaheb: Rana

Post by RK News on Saturday, April 15, 2023

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Jammu April 14- Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana Friday called for working towards strengthening the unity, harmony and brotherhood to steer India to become the Vishwa Guru.
       He said this while leading a 15 kms rally from Domail Chowk to Kapotha in Nagrota constituency to pay homage to the architect of the Constitution of India Dr B R Ambedkar after the culmination of a grand rally.
Describing Dr B R Ambedkar as Yugpurash and a great reformer, he said the unity in diversity is India’s greatest strength.
Rana said the great legal luminary, visionary and statesman has left an indelible mark by his remarkable service to the nation while working towards creating a society based on social justice and ameliorating the lot of down trodden and weaker segments of the society.
He said the Messiah of the poor and downtrodden is also being remembered for laying a sound and stable base of democracy in the country.
 The ideology of the legendary leader is humane, which needs to be emulated and carried forward by working for fulfillment of his ideals, he added.
       Rana said that Babasahab had an unflinching commitment towards national pride and his tireless contribution brought about a revolutionary transformation in Indian social order and helped in carving out a society based on equality, justice with opportunities to prosper and progress for all.
His contribution in the evolution of democracy and framing up of the Indian Constitution helped hugely in creating opportunities in every sphere of activity for the poor people in general and weaker sections in particular, which made a big turnaround in the politico-social landscape of India.
          “Let’s resolve to carry forward the mission of Babasaheb and imbibe the spirit of oneness which alone can lead the nation towards peace, progress and prosperity,” he said adding that Babasaheb belonged to India, who lived for India and envisioned a great future for the nation.
He urged the people to work for a harmonious society and shun the tendencies of discriminating the people on the basis of religion or caste. “We should not forget that we are humans”, he said and referred to the glorious civilization of India that remained a torch bearer of human values and inclusiveness in the true spirit of Vasudeva Kutumbakam.

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