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Make river transportation smart city’s imp component: Kadfeen urges admin 
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Make river transportation smart city’s imp component: Kadfeen urges admin 

Post by RK News on Sunday, May 21, 2023

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Srinagar, May 20: Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary on Saturday underscored the need for river transportation saying it plays a pivotal role in the development and growth of Srinagar. The authorities must add this mode of transportation as an important component of the smart city project, he said in a statement. 
Kadfeen said the picturesque city nestled along the banks of the Jhelum River holds immense importance for the economic, cultural, and environmental aspects of the region. “From an environmental perspective, river transportation significantly reduces carbon emissions and air pollution compared to conventional road-based transportation. By encouraging and investing in river transport infrastructure, Srinagar can contribute to a cleaner and greener environment, supporting sustainable development goals and mitigating the impact of vehicular pollution,” he said.
To fully realize the potential of river transportation in Srinagar, it is essential to invest in the necessary infrastructure, including well-maintained jetties, docking facilities, and efficient transportation services, Kadfeen said, adding that collaboration between government authorities, private stakeholders, and local communities is vital to create a robust and sustainable river transport system that serves the needs of the city's residents and visitors. 
The Congress leader said that Srinagar's unique geography, with its network of interconnected water bodies and canals, presents a remarkable opportunity for river transportation to flourish. Utilizing the Jhelum River and other waterways for transportation not only eases traffic congestion on the roads but also offers a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative, he said.
“River transportation provides a cost-effective means of commuting, particularly for those living in areas adjacent to the waterways. It offers convenient access to various parts of the city, connecting neighborhoods, markets, and tourist destinations. By leveraging this mode of transport, Srinagar can enhance its connectivity and improve the overall mobility experience for residents and visitors alike,” he said.

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