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Kashmir’s agriculture has made big strides in recent years: Dir Agri

‘We have brought a change in seed production’

Post by Syeda Rafiyah on Sunday, November 13, 2022

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Srinagar, Nov 12: The Agriculture Department Kashmir this year produced a sufficient number of quality seeds in farms across Kashmir ending the dependence on seeds outside the valley.
Director Agriculture Kashmir Chowdhary Mohammad Iqbal said this year the department spent Rs 2.5 crore to produce seeds in the departmental farms across Kashmir Valley on modern scientific lines.
“We have brought a change in the seed production in the valley’s farming sector. Producing seed is our priority and we are producing quality seed,” he said.
There are 31 major vegetable-producing farms across the valley, Iqbal said, adding that in every district, there are high-tech poly houses that are used to produce seeds. “These seeds are first produced following post-harvest management. The seeds are then packed and sent to various places,” he said.
The Director said the agriculture department is trying to bring people towards seed production as the climatic conditions in Kashmir are suitable for it. He said that good quality seed is vital for the successful cultivation of a crop which finally leads to the socio-economic transformation of the farming community.
“The basic thing is the input in farming. When the input is good and there is a quality seed, there would be quality produce. If we want to double the farmers’ income, having quality seeds is the first step. 30-35 percent production increases due to quality seed,” Chowdhary said.
He said the department has been focusing to maximize the production and productivity of the farm so that more farmers could have access to the quality seeds of different crops at affordable prices.
The Director also said that the department has prepared a number of farmers who produce the seed in Kashmir and send it to different parts of India. “Earlier, the seed was very expensive and farmers would practice wrong or old techniques. Now a lot of things have improved over the years,” he said.
“Kashmir has unique climatic conditions which aren’t there in any country. During the Covid-19 lockdown, there has been an increase in kitchen gardens in urban areas including Srinagar city and other towns,” the Director said, adding that Kashmir’s agriculture has made big strides in crop production and crop productivity in recent years.
He said that farmers have become capable of producing different varieties of several crops due to geographical diversity, access to good quality inputs and technology.  

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