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J&K people feeling disempowered with bureaucratic regime.: Bhalla
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J&K people feeling disempowered with bureaucratic regime.: Bhalla

Post by RK News on Monday, May 8, 2023

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Jammu, May 07: Jammu Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) Working President Raman Bhalla on Sunday said that recognition and protection of people's rights and dignity as well as speedy justice are imperative for the functioning of a healthy democracy.
Addressing a series of public meetings at Guru Nanak Nagar in the Bahu constituency as a part of mass contact programmes from the booth level to mobilize public opinion against the “wrong policies” of the BJP government in Gandhi Nagar, Bhalla said, “For the functioning of a healthy democracy, it is imperative that the people feel that their rights and dignity are protected and recognized.”
Expeditious adjudication of disputes is the hallmark of a healthy democracy, Bhalla said, adding that denial of justice would result in anarchy and destabilization of the judicial institution as people would seek a solution to their grievances through extrajudicial mechanisms. “Peace shall only prevail when people’s dignity and rights are recognized and protected," he said.
Asserting that “people want restoration of their honour and dignity”, Bhalla demanded holding of the much-delayed assembly elections in Jammu & Kashmir for the empowerment of people.
“The people across J&K are feeling disempowered with the bureaucratic regime. On the other hand, the unnecessary delay in holding assembly elections has given rise to the feeling of alienation among the people which needs to be addressed at the earliest,” he said, adding that the basic needs of the people whether electricity, clean drinking water, road, basic infrastructure for hospitals, and educational institutions are quite irregular due to the poor response from the government.
“If elections can be held in Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat and other states and UTs in the country, why are they delayed in J&K?” he asked, adding, “People want their honour and dignity to be restored with the restoration of statehood.”
While denouncing the divisive forces, Bhalla said the people have shown their faith in Congress Party. He said Congress will form the next government in J&K, and all the regions will get equal representation.
“We will not allow the bulldozer politics to flourish in J&K. The people from all sections of society are against it. People want peace, prosperity and development and Congress is committed to providing stability and equitable development,” he said.



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