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Ecological Concern

Post by on Thursday, April 14, 2022

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Natural resources are necessary for our survival and it is almost impossible to think of life on earth without them. Due to population explosion and global urbanization, the earth's resources are being exhausted at an ever-increasing pace by humans. It is a fact that the advancement in science and technology has revolutionised the human civilization and the progress of development. What is unfurling in the field of science and innovation is no less than a miracle. Science and technology advances have not only fixed many wrongs, but have also made the phenomenon of living simpler. However, in retrospect, growing dependency on technology and scientific progress has resulted in over exploitation of natural resources, which has raised some unavoidable questions regarding human existence on the planet Earth. Due to globalization and rampant urbanization all over the world our glaciers are steadily melting, forest cover is declining, water sources are shrinking, and agricultural land is being turned into residential colonies, wreaking havoc on our fragile ecology. Natural resources are undeniably important, and the role they play in sustaining human life is enormous. The overuse of natural resources will prove catastrophic for the human survival. Furthermore, the future of mankind is in jeopardy as a result of the rising problems of global warming, pollution, and nuclear armament. The valley of Kashmir is environmentally very fragile and the people of Kashmir are not only reliant on natural resources, such as forests for their survival, but they are also economically dependent on them. For many households, our forests provide a source of income but unfortunately our natural resources have been used for the benefit of others over the years. Likewise the forests, which are known as green gold, have been exploited to the hilt by forest smugglers and looters, without least inference from the government. Human intrusion in forest and wildlife ecosystems has not only disrupted the natural ecological balance, but has also driven wild animals to human settlements, resulting in a rise in man-animal conflicts. The role and responsibility of political leadership in conserving and protecting our natural resources cannot be overstated. The government and civil society must work together if our resources are to be saved. It is high time to raise public consciousness about the value of protecting natural resources and biodiversity. We must be careful in our approach and try using our natural resources judiciously and stop over exploiting them.

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