DHSK asks employees to promote holistic healthcare within institutions
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DHSK asks employees to promote holistic healthcare within institutions

Post by M Peerzada on Monday, September 25, 2023

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Srinagar, Sept 24: The Directorate of Health Service Kashmir has urged its employees, including doctors and paramedical staff, to prioritize both their physical and mental well-being.
This initiative aims to set an example for patients and promote a culture of holistic health within healthcare institutions.
The directorate has issued an order in this regard and enjoined upon all the CMOs/Medical Superintendents/BMOs of Kashmir division to ensure morning meetings daily in all health care institutions under their jurisdiction.
“During the meetings mental and physical healthy lifestyle choices, suggestions, tips shall be promoted in order to help employees of the Department to live holistically healthy life and this should percolate to the patients attending the Healthcare Institutions,” the order said.
The order directed them to ensure the participation of all on duty employees (except emergency duties) of their health care institutions in morning Meet and action taken report be shared with the directorate.
Spokesperson, Directorate of Health Services Kashmir, Dr Mir Mushtaq said the employees of the department would be given awareness about their physical and mental health.
“When the employees are mentally and physically fit then only they can be promoted the same as the people or patients. During the meeting, the employees would be informed about how to avoid stress and about the importance of physical fitness,” he said.
“The move is aimed at ensuring that they remain fit so that their work output is good. It is an endeavour of the directorate to make sure that employees are mentally fit,” he said.
Mir said the Health Department, recognizes the pivotal role of healthcare professionals as both caregivers and role models, is actively promoting holistic health within healthcare institutions.
Mir said in the demanding healthcare environment, professionals often neglect their own health while tending to the needs of others. To address this, the Health Department has initiated measures to raise awareness about wellness among its workforce.
“By encouraging employees to adopt healthy lifestyles and prioritize mental health, the department aims to set a positive example for patients and the community at large.”
“This holistic health approach recognizes that well-balanced and resilient healthcare professionals are better equipped to deliver high-quality care and provide empathetic support to patients. It fosters a culture of well-being within healthcare institutions, ultimately benefiting both staff and the individuals they serve,” the spokesperson said.
Through such initiatives, the Health Department is taking proactive steps to ensure that healthcare professionals lead by example, promoting health and wellness as integral components of their daily lives.

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