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Blossoming of a Nation
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Blossoming of a Nation

It is a matter of overwhelming pride and joy that in the 75th year of our independence, we stand so spectacularly poised on the world stage

Post by SADHGURU JAGGI VASUDEV on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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We stand today on the threshold of a new Bharat, poised spectacularly to re-establish its mark on the world.

The respect that Bharat currently commands across the globe stems from a vision that has been all-encompassing - focused not only on growth and development for the nation, but also equally on restoring and reviving the core of Bharat - our spiritual ethos. I commend the nation’s leaders and the Hon’ble Prime Minister for their dedicated effort and leadership in moving Bharat forward on these vital aspects.

The Heritage of Yoga

Bharat boasts the richest of spiritual heritages - a tradition not limited by the boundaries of religion, beliefs, sects or communities. This is a culture that has produced countless saints, sages, and mystics who have explored the depths of human consciousness and offered ways and methods for every individual to find their highest potential, through the science of yoga. The importance and impact of yoga is being understood globally like never before, with Bharat being acknowledged as its fountainhead.


The declaration of the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations, as proposed by Prime Minister Modi in 2014 and accepted by 177 member nations, was a very significant step in this regard. Every year, this day serves as an occasion to highlight the benefits of yoga, encourage its practice and foster health, harmony and peace among individuals and communities.

Spiritual Renaissance

In addition to the establishment of yoga on the international arena, it has been especially heartwarming to note Prime Minister Modi’s efforts in spearheading the revival of the glorious centres of our rich heritage and culture.


The transformation of Kashi with the establishment of the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor, the mega Char Dham project which includes the development of the Kedarnath and Badrinath temples, the restoration of the famous Somnath temple in Gujarat and the Mahakal temple in Ujjain are efforts that will benefit the citizens of the country, and reinforce Bharat as a vibrant hub for spiritual learning and growth on the global stage.

In Harmony with Nature

The Indian spiritual tradition offers a unique perspective on the relationship between the individual and the universe. Rather than seeing these as separate entities, the tradition has always emphasized the interconnectedness of all things and the fundamental unity of existence. This consequently brings about respect for all life, becoming the basis for sustainable development and environmental conservation.


Several environmental initiatives have flourished during Prime Minister Modi's tenure. The allocation of INR 19,000 Crores for the rejuvenation of 13 rivers, an impact of the Cauvery Calling movement, is essential for water security for India’s population.  The Namami Gange Programme to clean the Ganges, with an emphasis on abating pollution, is a commitment to preserving India’s most sacred river. All of us must stand up and commit to do our part to preserve the environment and foster a greener future for India.

Inclusive Development

In a vast country with myriad facets like our beloved Bharat, it is imperative that development is not only multi-dimensional but also simultaneously all-inclusive, accessible and sustainable.  The Hon’ble Prime Minister has been recognized worldwide for creating initiatives that fuel economic growth, while also bringing about holistic wellbeing for all.


Initiatives on one side have propelled India into the digital age, leveraging technology for inclusive growth and transparent governance on the other side serve to ensure that all sections of society are included in the nation's financial growth. Infrastructure and development projects, collective awareness projects like the Swachh Bharat campaign, have aimed to raise the bar on living conditions across the country.

75 years, Rising India

It is a matter of overwhelming pride and joy that in the 75th year of our independence, we stand so spectacularly poised on the world stage. It is also a tremendous opportunity for us, particularly in the year of the G20 Chairmanship, to take the lead in crucial agendas like that of soil restoration and climate change.


We may enumerate and debate the success, or not, of individual initiatives. The trajectory of the nation’s progress, however, cannot be denied. A trajectory fuelled by a vision of a new and vibrant Bharat. A vision that has undoubtedly impacted more than a billion people, but more importantly, has inspired as many across the country and the world. One Earth. One Family. One Future.


(The Author is a Spiritual and Yoga Guru and famously known as Sadhguru. He is also the founder and head of the Isha Foundation; a nonprofit spiritual organization)


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