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Base price for dry saffron fixed at IIKSTC

Mogra will sell for rupees 250 a gram, Laccha for 200

Post by Javid Sofi on Wednesday, December 14, 2022

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Pulwama, Dec 13:  The base price for dry saffron for this year has been fixed at IIKSTC (Indian International Kashmir Saffron Trading Centre) in Dusso area of South Kashmir’s Pulwama district.
Joint Director of Agriculture Extension Kashmir, Mohammed Syed informed Rising Kashmir that the base price has been fixed at rupees 250 per gram for Mogra and 200 for one gram of Laccha.
“This is the minimum price below which a tender will not be accepted, the saffron can sell at a higher price depending on the bidding,” he said, adding that they wish the saffron growers earn good profit on their produce.
He said that the base price is higher than that of the previous year which was around 205 and 175 for one gram of Mogra and Laccha respectively.
Mogra and Laccha are two varieties of saffron, Mogra has top red threads of stigmas only while Laccha has full stigmas with yellow tails.
The Joint Director told that comparatively better rates and campaigning by the department of Agriculture resulted that farmers reposing their faith in IIKSTC.
He added that it has increased the bargaining power of farmers in the local market.
“The number of visits made by farmers to IIKSTC Dusso with their produce this year has increased by about 40 percent as compared to the previous year and the quantity of dry stigma received at the facility has also shown around 43 percent increase,” he said.
Abdul Aziz, a saffron grower from Lethpora village of Pulwama, said that they are satisfied with the base price because they get around rupees 2500 per 10 grams at IIKSTC against rupees 1500 for 11.66 grams in the local market.
“We are saved from a loss of 1.66 grams and get 1000 more than that of market rate,” he said.
 Dr  Abdul Nayeem, Technical Manager, Quality Evaluation Laboratory, IIKSTC, Dusso Pampore, said that 1582  visits were made by farmers to IIKSTC this year against 1128 visits last year.
He added that around 86 kgs of dry stigma were received against 60 kgs in the previous year.
“Because of GI tagging and NABL certification at IIKSTC, farmers are getting double rate than that prevailing in the market,” he said, adding that it is because of this reason that all indicators are showing positive growth.
He revealed that the e-auction will begin in next few days while as counter sale of saffron is going on routinely.

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