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Take precautions
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Take precautions

Post by on Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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In the last few days, temperature in the Valley, particularly in cities and towns has been a real inconvenience. The heat is back as the summer is in full swing. It is like the times when people in Kashmir make good use of their vacations at their favourite places. Keeping in view the scorching heat wave in the valley, The J&K Education Department on Friday announced 10 days summer vacation for all the Govt schools and recognized private institutions upto higher secondary level w.e.f July 4 to July 14th. An important concern to be shared during these hot summer days is to be wary about food poisoning. In the past, we have witnessed many tragic incidents of food poisoning in the valley and that should serve as alert for everyone. In J&K, ignorance is largely responsible for unabated health risks due to unhygienic or contaminated food. There is little to no attention paid by consumers to check before buying or consuming important details like manufacturing date, expiry date, storage or use. That goes for food and drugs that are properly packed. For food wrapped in any packaging material that is easily available to vendors, one can guess the outcomes. During these hot days food must be prepared, stored and distributed with caution. There are many reports, which unfortunately remain not verified properly, that the number of people suffering from mild to severe food poisoning cases has witnessed a rise in the last couple of weeks. Food poisoning is relatively common in summer months and particularly during the period of the hottest days. Common symptoms of food poisoning are cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting. People should by and large take precautions and avoid certain food that is deemed by health experts to be prone to food poisoning. Contaminated water, poultry, unpasteurised milk and fast food should be avoided. So far as government undertakings are concerned, PHE, Health and municipalities must work together to create awareness among the masses. Although there are no serious complaints about restaurants and other food joints operating in the valley, yet precautions should be taken by the crew who cook and serve the food. Other than that people must ensure that the food is prepared hygienically at homes as well. Most of the food poisoning cases result from water-borne diseases. Therefore safe drinking water and its judicious use must receive primary focus. While suspecting food poisoning, make sure the affected people get fluids and electrolytes. Public health system can be fairly improved with interventions of the government as well as the people. As part of a shared obligation, all must chip in and provide a helping hand.  

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