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People of Ganderbal’s Nagbal area say garbage heaps have made their life ‘a hell’
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People of Ganderbal’s Nagbal area say garbage heaps have made their life ‘a hell’

Say municipal authorities ‘just don’t care’ 

Post by Umar Raina on Wednesday, May 10, 2023

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Ganderbal, May 09: In the absence of any solid waste management facility, garbage heaps are a common scene here in the Nagbal area of central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district.
The locals have accused the municipal authorities of completely ignoring the area. “They are doing nothing to address the problem. The solid waste including plastic bags and polythene is being thrown on the roads and footpaths,” said a local Mushtaq Ahmad.
The mounds of garbage can be spotted on roads including near the Sumo Stand Nagbal, said a driver.
He said the foul smell is emanating from the garbage dumps which are open. “It has made our lives a hell,” he said.
The locals said that despite repeated pleas to the concerned authorities, they “just don’t care”.
“Waste has become a dwelling place for dogs and animals, thereby causing a lot of problems for us,” a lady said.
She said due to the presence of stray dogs at the garbage site, the people don’t allow their children to venture out. “The population of dogs has increased manifold and they have created a reign of terror here,” she said.
The residents have appealed to authorities to introduce a scientific mechanism to recycle domestic waste apart from biodegradable waste from households. 
A large quantity of non-biodegradable garbage including plastic bags and polythene waste is dumped in the open which increases the risk of disease.
Chairman Municipal Council Ganderbal Altaf Ganderbali told Rising Kashmir said the area does not fall in his jurisdiction. “It falls under Srinagar Municipal Corporation,” he said.

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