Panchanpathri: A pristine meadow in Kulgam
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Panchanpathri: A pristine meadow in Kulgam

Post by Younus Rashid on Sunday, September 25, 2022

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Panchanpathri is a lush green meadow, a beautiful place for snow trekking, skiing and hiking which is located in Danew Kandi Marg (DK Marg) area in south Kashmir's Kulgam district. The place overhangs beautiful mountains, making it a closed valley with high mountains. This is an unexplored tourist spot newly introduced in Kashmir which is indeed an indication of the unspoilt beauty of the Kashmir Valley.

This unexplored tourist destination in Kulgam needs a boost to put it on the tourism map. The place is at a distance of  28 kilometres from the District Headquarters Kulgam.

Panchanpathri (Panchan stands for five while Pathri stands for valley). It is said that the location once belonged to the five (Panch) people who were the guardians of this meadow.

It is an open and lush land surrounded by large alpine trees and a fresh stream flowing through it that delights visitors and sustains its beauty.

Panchanpathri serves as an idyllic picnic place for those looking to spend free time and provides a perfect skiing opportunity in winter. The people who visited here take it as the perfect spot to match with skiing in Gulmarg. Sports enthusiasts get there and play their best game in an absolutely cool atmosphere. It has also grown in popularity as a cricket ground amongst the inhabitants.

On the way to Panchanpathri, visitors may also have a glimpse of the Sheikh Ul Alam (RA) Shrine in Chimmer, a famous shrine in Kulgam.

To promote untapped tourism destinations and to stimulate the tourism sector in the district, the Kulgam district administration in May organised a mega tourism festival in the green meadows of Panchanpathri. Its purpose was to promote such unexplored places. The festival received a very necessary response from visitors and tourists witnessed a series of cultural and traditional programs.

Hikers, trekkers and cricket enthusiasts had lovely moments there. Furthermore, numerous sports activities were organized to attract more visitors.

Cricket, Volleyball, Tug of war, Labium drill, Frisbee, and Parachute drill in addition to fun games were played throughout the event.

Kulgam is a district blessed with beauty and acquires massive potential to be among the districts superior to parity.

If measures are taken to develop these tourist spots Kulgam will observe immense tourist footfall at all these places.

A beautiful meadow in the foothills of Hoen Heng,Panchanpathri is just 26 kilometres from Kulgam town. If you're planning a family picnic, this is the perfect spot for school trips, camping and glamping.

The place has a semi-motorable route. Road macadamization remains in progress and the place will likely be motorized very soon.

By reaching Kulgam it is necessary to reach D K Marg, Humpathri and then to Panchanpathri. The place is at an altitude of 2423 metres above sea level.

The place can also be the base station for hikers who are adventurers and go deep into the forest of Pir Panchal.

Tariq Gull, a local told Rising Kashmir that Panchanpathri has great potential for recreational and adventure tourism. "Damhal Hanji Pora has many places that can be promoted and which are best for adventure tourism. If the administration takes note of them and develops them, they can promote the traditional aspects of people here as well,” he said. 

He further said that in addition, this place needs a strong interest on the part of the administration that will surely change its landscape and stimulate employment in the remote village here.

Kulgam Forest Division is promoting these places and in collaboration with district administration has been holding tourism festivals, winter carnival and summer camps at most of the salubrious places in Kulgam.

Syed Wasim, Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Kulgam said that it is being developed as a route for hikers.

He said, "It is developed as a trek road to reach Panchang Pathri to Nuspatri. The place is replete and calm with coniferous trees all around. It is ideal for a day visit, community outing and local picnics,” he said.

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