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Post by Rupali Datta, RD on Sunday, September 18, 2022

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Childhood obesity has detrimental long term effects on health. Childhood is a learning time , along with other things it is important to teach children how to eat healthy so that you empower them to make healthy choices.

Prevention is better than cure:

  •  As a parent you need to start eating healthy.
  • Get them used to  home made food with fresh ingredients.
  • Letting them eat  High salt, sugar and fat foods with no nutrients will teach them to reject fresh flavours.
  • Make sure that the child eats  servings of vegetables and two Fruits daily.
  • Nuts and dry fruits are good snack choices, keep the commercial packaged snacks out of the home.
  • Instead of sweetened packed juices, give them water, fresh coconut water, milk, lassi, and chaas.
  • Limit screen time, for this you also need to reduce yours. Content monitoring is also important. Children pick up habits from audio visual media very quickly.
  • A dedicated exercise time, ideally you should also accompany them. Family holidays can include treks, cycling and walking expeditions.

Rupali Datta, RD

Founder Diet Decisions


Consultant Nutritionist


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