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Kashmir’s young Actor,  Super model, Mir Wasif
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Kashmir’s young Actor,  Super model, Mir Wasif

Post by Syeda Rafiyah on Sunday, March 19, 2023

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Over past many years Kashmir has produced many young artists and models who have entertained people not only in the valley but at the national level  with their unique performances and roles.
Among them is Mir Wasif, a young actor and model from Aripanthan Beerwah from central Kashmir’s Budgam district who featured in top ten supermodels in Kashmir in 2022.
The 25-year-old model said he developed passion for acting during his college days and before that he had never thought of acting although he was impressed by watching films and web series on television and websites.
“I developed an interest in the field of acting and modeling. I have been working with utmost dedication to fulfill my dream of becoming an actor,” he said.
Wasif did basic schooling from Gulshan Public School Hazarpora Aripanthan, he completed his bachelor’s in technology from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar in Mechanical Engineering and master's in Robotics and Cad/Cam.
“During my college days, I started it and then I grabbed more opportunities and started working for fulfilling my dream. I have driven inspiration and motivation from Bollywood superstars,” he said.
“I was inclined towards working in movies as an actor or model. For achieving this dream, I developed my physique and groomed myself with acting and modeling skills. I am working hard  to improve myself in this field,” Wasif said.
He said at the Aripanthan village he could often dream of becoming an actor  which was impossible until he learned the skill of acting  to came out to join the industry.
“In a village it is very difficult to make it as there are always limitations. But I worked hard day and night and many times I could not sleep for nights together,” he said.
Son of a retired bus conductor of Jammu and Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation (JKSRTC) Wasif started his career as an actor in 2021 as a background artist in Bollywood.
The young actor recounted that three years back there was a shooting event at Gulmarg and he had to visit there at 6 a.m. in January amid severe cold he drove to Gulmarg on his bike for shooting.
Later in 2021, Wasif started working with some of the best-known movies and web series as a supporting artist which gave him encouragement and there was no looking back after that.
He has worked as a supporting artist in movies and web series like Beast and Avrodh 2 where he worked with some of the best Indian artists and stars like Guru Randhawa, Vicky Kaushal, Emran Hashmi etc.
Currently, Wasif is working as a lead actor in one of the song albums called “Toota Taara” where he works with some of the well-known stars like Mahima Makwana and Shivin Narang.
Apart from working in movies and web series, he has also participated in multiple competitions like Mr. Kashmir. He also featured in the top 10 supermodels of Kashmir in 2022.
He has participated in many events and won bronze medal in bodybuilding at All India Inter NIT Sports Meet at Karnataka in 2018-19.
Wasif also won medal in Inter NIT National Cricket Championship at Kerala. He has also won the bodybuilding championship award at the national level.
Notably, Wasif has won many awards including Mr. Super Model of Kashmir as runner-up in 2021. Apart from this he has also achieved the title Mr. Photogenic face of Kashmir of the year 2021.
 “I advise the youth to work with dedication and determination to achieve their goals. We must keep one thing in mind that onus is on the youth of Kashmir to work for the betterment of our society and we all have to work towards the improvement of our society,” he said.
Wasif said his family was very supportive since he started his career. “Earlier, they were not happy with my modeling . They wanted me to become an engineer. Later they realised that I was interested in art and they supported me fully,” he said.
The young actor said, “I am very much thankful first to Allah then to my mother, she supported me through all phases of my life. I have dream of joining MTV Roadies and Bigboss like shows and I work hard for it and I hope one day I’ll find my place in such shows.”
Wasif’s distinct creativity and preoccupation with originality set his art apart from that of other artists. “I believe that art is unique in its own way and it differs from one person to another person. I was interested by heart and I took it as a challenge and I am still learning more and more,” he said.
“One is never too old to learn. Even if you are a perfectionist, you won't ever achieve true perfection. If one wants to turn art commercial, price your work fairly. Do not make it about sales only. Quality is what matters above all. Know what your work is worth and never settle for less. Better that it stays with you forever then cheaply selling your talent to someone who would not value it the way it deserves,” he said.
The young model said he is happy over the fact that many young artists  are moving towards art music and Bollywood and he calls it an encouraging trend.
“There are young singers and artists who want to take part in national and international platforms and showcase their talent. Many people are taking part in national shows,” he said.
“In any field, hard work is the key to success. Those who aspire to be a part of this field should come forward and pursue their dreams. But there are always limitations due to which we are restricted to chose what we really want to do,” he said.
While expressing  serious concern over the rampant drug addiction in society Wasif  said that youth should choose the right career and right education at the right time.

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