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In view of possible early snowfall, growers advised to speed up apple harvest

Post by Syeda Rafiyah on Thursday, October 20, 2022

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Srinagar, Oct 19: In view of possible early snowfall in Kashmir, fruit growers have been advised to speed up apple harvest to avoid damage to the trees and fruits
The Agro field unit Srinagar, agro unit SKUAST-K and Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) Wednesday issued an advisory on apple harvesting, poultry, silkworm, fisheries and appealed to farmers to remain cautious.
 “Harvesting of late varieties of fruit should be completed as soon as possible to avoid any damage due to early snowfall. Maintain orchard sanitation by collecting the fallen leaves and fruits and dispose them off properly by burning or composting. Pruning of fruit trees should be started as soon as the leaves start yellowing. Apply bordeaux/chaubatia paste on cut surfaces. Keep limbs of fruit trees supported to avoid any tilt or damage in case of snowfall. Clean the drainage channels of orchards to avoid water logging,” read the advisory.
Regarding harvesting of fodder, bajra and maize the advisory said that the harvesting process of kharif fodder crops viz maize, sorghum, bajra and other temperate grasses should be before the crop has reached the soft dough stage.
Regarding poultry, the advisory said since the morning and night temperatures are decreasing, proper maintenance of temperature inside brooder sheds is important.
“Too high temperature inside the shed can cause dehydration of chicks while too low temperature can lead to huddling of chicks. Ensure proper ventilation to avoid accumulation of ammonia gas in the shed and prevent ascites in the birds,” it said.
As per the advisory, proper humidity within the shed must be ensured to avoid caking of litter and provide clean drinking water to the birds besides use water sanitizers and acidifiers if required.
“Store feed in well-ventilated and damp-proof rooms to avoid its spoilage. Adhere strictly to vaccination schedules against prevalent diseases. Provide night shelter with proper bedding material to the birds. Newly hatched chicks must be protected from predators by confining them to wire mesh enclosures,” it said.
The joint advisory urged poultry owners to ensure timely feeding and watering of broody hens set on the eggs. “Collect eggs as soon as they are laid and store them in cool and dry place. In order to control the vice of pecking other birds or egg eating go for beak trimming,” it said.
Regarding fisheries, the advisory said during rainy season avoid direct entry of silt into pond and examine water quality parameters regularly to avoid any stress to fishes.
“Monitor swimming pattern of fish, bring diseased samples to Aquaclinic at Faculty of Fisheries, Rangil Ganderbal.  In case of fish mortality get connected to Aqua-clinic via Fish Health Android App for support and guidance,” it said.
About silkworms, farmers are advised to ensure complete disinfection of rearing rooms and rearing appliances.
Farmers have been advised to dismantle low-cost rearing huts and preserve the various accessories of the hut under well-roofed shed for future use.
“Complete sun drying of cocoons should be ensured before storage to avoid any fungal damage to the cocoons. Ensure sorting of cocoons before marketing to fetch a maximum market price. The cocoon preservation should be done in gunny bags by hanging them under tin roofs or at dry places to avoid any damage by rodents,” said the advisory.
Regarding apiculture, the advisory urged for extraction of honey from colonies. “Keep sufficient feeding in the colonies for winter. Remove super from colonies. Shift colonies from hilly areas to plains,” it added.

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