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In 7 years, over 13000 ha of land brought under horticulture in Kashmir

Post by Syeda Rafiyah on Sunday, December 11, 2022

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Srinagar, Dec 10: Over the past seven years, the Horticulture Department Kashmir has brought an area of 13,050 hectares of land under horticulture cultivation under “Area Expansion Program” across Kashmir, officials informed.
Abdul Quds Beigh, Horticulture Development Officer said as per the physical achievements achieved under the horticulture sector, a total area of 13,050 hectares of land has been brought under horticulture under the expansion program from 2014-16 to till 2020-21. He said the land that has been brought under horticulture mostly includes apple and walnut.
While sharing the figures, he said that 2247 ha of land was brought under horticulture during 2014-15, 1911 ha during 2015-16, 937 ha during 2016-17, 1475 ha during 2017-18, 1680 ha during 2018-19, 1700 ha during 2019-20 and 3100 ha during 2020-21.
He said the horticulture sector plays an important role in Jammu and Kashmir and it is an important source of economy and source of livelihood for a substantial portion of the population.
The officer also said that assistance has also been provided to 3099 Handling Units while 4016 vermicomposting units have been established in the orchards across the valley.
“We have also constructed and installed 2108 bore wells. Also, 30,389 machinery equipment like tractors, tillers, motor power sprayers, bush cutters, IP sets, chain saws have been provided to the farmers,” he said.
Under the expansion program, assistance to 28 of controlled atmosphere storage (CA) stores were provided to private entrepreneurs. Similarly, assistance to 24 food processing units has been provided to private entrepreneurs.
The area expansion scheme is being implemented in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir for various fruits. The scheme was formulated to achieve the objective of enhanced production and productivity and raising the income of farmers.

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