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Bandipora's teenage girl carves her way to world Ju-Jitsu Championship
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Bandipora's teenage girl carves her way to world Ju-Jitsu Championship

Post by Shafat Malik on Tuesday, March 7, 2023

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Bandipora, Mar 06: Against all odds, a teenage girl from the Bandipora area of North Kashmir qualified for the global Ju-jitsu Championship, making her the only athlete from Jammu and Kashmir to represent India. 
Sabkat, a native of Vijjhara hamlet in the Bandipora area of North Kashmir, overcame many hardships and barriers posed by a conservative society in order to fight preconceptions and persevere on her path to the world Ju-jitsu Championship.
"Choosing  a game that is usually considered male-dominated was not an easy chore to do. From revamping the minds of my parents and society to practicing consistently for hours in an inept academy which lacked basic facilities, was not a cakewalk, " Sabkat said. 
Sabkat's mother, Mubeena Begum , a homemaker is joyous and  proud at her daughter's achievement.  Mubeena says she has always supported her daughter's dreams, despite the opposition they faced from the community. 
The prevalent stereotypical notions regarding the game in a conservative society never stopped Sabkat from acheiving big,  her passion for  martial arts remained undeterred. She continued to train and work hard towards her dream of becoming a champion in Ju-Jitsu martial arts. 
Sabkat emerged victorious and made her name among the top 10 in list of international players who are selected for the world championship title. Her hard work and determination had paid off with her immense capabilities.
She received a life-changing opportunity among seven players from the valley to represent India in the Ju-Jitsu International Federation's World Championships, going to be held in Mongolia this year. Sabkat was the only girl from Kashmir to be selected for the championship. The selection at such a huge level is a huge honour and a testament to Sabkat's hard work and dedication.
"It gives me inner peace when I listen to the news of my daughter's selection again and again. I know how much she has suffered during her journey to this milestone. Despite facing social hurdles Sabkat remained firm and today is the only girl among seven boys  to get selected for the championship", An emotional Mubeena  said. 
Sabkat's coach, Muzaffar Ahmad whom Sabkat credits all her success to, was over joyed and proud when he heard of her selection, knowing that her mentees had brought honour not only to the valley but to the entire nation.
"Sabkat trained hard for months leading up to the championships, focusing on her technique and mental preparation. When the day finally arrived, she was ready to give it her all. The competition was fierce, but Sabkat remained focused and determined. She fought with all her might, using her training and skills to overcome her opponents", Muzaffar Ahmad said.
Sabkat's victory inspired many other young girls in her community to follow their dreams, no matter how unconventional they may seem. She had become a role model for girls who wanted to break free from the stereotypes and limitations imposed upon them by society. 


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