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World Earth Day
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World Earth Day

Post by on Friday, April 22, 2022

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Every year, World Earth Day is observed all over the world on 22 April. The main objective of this day is to raise awareness among the people about the importance of saving planet earth from many challenges like pollution, climate change and   deforestation. This day also aims to garner support for environmental protection. This year’s theme for Earth Day 2022 is ‘Invest In Our planet’. The message is loud and clear that our earth needs special attention for the survival of human life on it. Special events and programmes are held on this day. Ever since man set his foot on the path of research and discovery he left hardly anything untouched. The way new branches of knowledge and information are growing can be described as no less than a miracle. The objects or tasks which were considered impossible and unattainable stand conquered.  It is a fact that advancement in science and technology has not only rectified many wrongs but also eased the phenomenon of living. However in the hindsight, the increasing dependence on technology and scientific advancement has caused over exploitation of natural resources, which in return has raised some inevitable questions as far as the survival of people on the planet of earth is concerned. Gradual meltdown of glaciers, degradation of forest cover, shrinking of water bodies, and conversion of agricultural land into residential colonies under the banner of urbanization is wreaking havoc with our fragile ecology. However this exploration has put the earth at stake and our environment as well. The deterioration is going on continuously and has now not only put our own survival in danger but the fate of the earth itself is in jeopardy. The ever increasing dependability on the non renewable resources of energy has done an irreparable damage to our environment. The gases emanating from them have depleted the ozone layer and also increased the presence of the harmful gases. It is an important issue confronted by the people all over the world. Not only should our efforts be at national and global level, but more importantly at local level, because the problem is all pervasive. It isn’t too late to come forward and do something. As already mentioned it is a global phenomenon which requires the efforts of each one of us and thereby foster a change in the whole world. Perhaps there is an important role which can be played by the student community in sensitizing the society about this grave issue confronting planet earth. Every individual has a role to play in saving the environment









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